Sunday, September 18, 2016


Scene: Angie and Jeremy are closing up the box after Sat morning class. They are mildly irritated at one another. One young man is still there trying to regain his faculties after a particularly challenging workout.
Jeremy: I got the Progenex to take home since somebody can't seem to remember to grab it.
Angie: Oh, yeah, it's all my fault.
Jeremy: You drink it too!
Angie: I will kill you in your sleep.
Young man: Well, when I get married I know who to come to for marriage advice.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hobo Life Week 12

Thoughts on hobo life.

Almost 3 months ago we closed on the sale of our house and became what we affectionately call ourselves, hobos. We gave away 60% of our stuff and put the other 40% in storage and moved into our motorhome. Our goal is to live simply and pay off debt and “reboot” our lives as we both approach the 40 year-old milestone. We see so many people living paycheck to paycheck without any choices in their lives because they have to work to pay the bills and they are suffocating under all the stuff they have. And even though they have all this fun stuff, they can’t enjoy it because they are stretched so financially thin.

We don’t want to be those people. We want to truly own what we have, not be renting it from the bank. We don’t want to live in anxiety over money and things. We are saying no to a lot of things now so that we can say yes later.

What’s the Dave Ramsey saying? Live like no one else today so that you can live like no one else tomorrow?

 It’s been fun, but it’s also been challenging. Here’s a little update on the highs and lows of being a hobo.

Ticks- Have you ever heard of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?  I had, but didn’t think it was anything anyone really got anymore. You know, like Polio or the measles. Turns out that when you move to a camper and live in campgrounds you are way more likley to encounter ticks. And those said ticks are very likely to bite you and make you sick. 20 days of antibiotics later the spots, fever and headaches are gone.

Paying Off Debts- Think about how much you spend on your house each month. Mortgage/rent, insurance, electricity, gas, water, trash pickup, pest control, telephone, internet, cable, etc. Add it all up and then realize how much you could pay toward debt or put away each month with these costs reduced or gone entirely! Yes, it stinks sometimes not having space to spread out in the floor, but when I get to pay off a doctor bill or an old credit card bill, it makes up for it!

Mowing/Maintenance/Landscaping- Jeremy is totally loving not having to mow!

No TV- Well, that’s not true. We have a tv and thanks to a high tech antennae booster, we get ONE CRAPPY CHANNEL! I’m sorry if you work at Channel 24, but your channel is terrible. First, it’s a hybrid of the CW and MeTV. Neither of which are known for stellar programming, but it seems to be the lowlights of both are what we get. If you get up at 6:00 AM you can watch the Brady Bunch, which I’m totally down with, but then you get a dose of some self-important guy at 6:30 proclaiming himself to be “your favorite apostle”. Um, no. At 7 you get the news. I’m considering applying for a job there because, me with zero television experience, could read the news way better than any of their anchors. After that it’s a couple of hours of Matlock and Diagnosis Murder, followed by all the westerns ever made. I’ll spare you the details of the entire line up, but I’ve successfully resisted the urge to buy a microwave roaster, a multi-saw (FILLS ALL YOUR DIY NEEDS!) a year’s supply of Omega XL (NOT A FISH OIL!) and a 7 piece essential kit of IT Cosmetics. #winning

Reading- Since I’m not watching a lot of television, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies and lately I’ve been really indulging. Since we are trying to not spend and not accumulate stuff, I’ve found two great ways to get my reading fix. First, the humble library. You know that place we all use to go before And did you know that most libraries have eBooks now so that you don’t even have to physically go to the library? I just open up my iPad, go to the library’s website and download books for free! The convenience is a total win. The drawback is that eBooks are really popular and sometimes the wait for a book is glacial. Take the new Steven King book for instance. I just put myself on the hold list for it and I’m number 36 in line. Since you can keep the books up to two weeks, it will definitely be no longer than a year and a half before I get it. WOOOO!
 The other way I’ve been sourcing reading material is the local thrift shop. Magazines are 10¢ each and books are 50¢-$1. I buy a pile for a couple bucks, read them and then donate them right back.

Kayaking- Since we stare at the lake every day, we’ve been thinking about getting kayaks. We’ve hummed and hawed over sit in or sit on for quite awhile and overall were just afraid to go for it. What if we purchased them, used them once and then hated them? After searching around at prices and styles, we found some that we thought we would like and that we thought we could get our money back out of if we hated them. We looked at our budget, dug out some old gift cards, sold a few items from our storage building (more on that below) and headed to hell-mart to make the purchase. Completely worth it!

Storage- The 40% of our stuff that we kept is in a storage building and it is a huge storage building. It’s full of things that I didn’t think I could live without or part with. Kitchen utensils, fancy dresses, side tables, papers from college, four wheeler parts, toys from when we were young, toys from when we weren’t young. That big storage building comes with a price tag and now every time I go there I look around and wish it were all gone. Of course there are some sentimental items that I don’t want to part with like baby books and wedding pictures. But for most of it, I’m just done with it. When we do wind up in our next place, I simply cannot imagine bringing all that stuff into it.

I realize that not everyone can just chuck it all and go hobo like we did. We are lucky that we have a really supportive child who doesn’t mind that we are “homeless” and she has her own apartment. Even if you can’t go at full steam, maybe you can be inspired to do something to free up your space and finances.

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Food (Or Drink!) Is Off Limits!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Guys! 

Just wanted to jump in here and remind you that NO FOOD OR DRINK IS OFF LIMITS with flexible dieting! 

They are your macros, spend them how you like! 

 I'm choosing to use a few of my carbs today for a tasty beer!

Obviously, some foods are healthier than others and you don't want to live on a diet of beef jerky, cupcakes and beer. (Or maybe you do, lol). 

With flexible dieting you can still have fun and enjoy your life!

PS, I am loving this Honey Apple! And thankfully, they list the carbs! 

Stay Strong Y'all! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Got 10 Minutes? Get Stuff Done!

Mondays are crazy busy days because I coach mornings and afternoons, I usually have a few private training appointments, I coach CF Kids, my personal training is usually long on Mondays and all of my nutrition coaching clients check-ins come in on Sunday night for review on Monday. I love my job and all that I get to do, but Mondays are a wee bit stressful!
Today is Tuesday, so it’s an “easy” day work wise. 

By design, Tuesday is the reward for Monday. There’s little I “have to” do. It’s really easy to be a bum. But I’m not a very good bum. If you have time, shouldn’t you be doing something productive? Today’s weird though in that I’m having trouble getting going….

 I feel like I need to write a blog post today, but I can’t decide what to write about.

 I feel like I should be working on a few projects of mine, but I’m not inspired.

I really need to spend some time stretching, but it’s raining and I only have room to stretch outside (hobolife problems).

The bathroom needs cleaning, but darn, I’m out of cleaning wipes. (Excellent excuse, right?)

Do you ever feel that way? That there is stuff that needs to be done, but you just can’t get going?

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a good lazy day! However, I can’t really say that it’s ok to do nothing today because I spent all day Sunday reading a good book and laying in my snazzy pvc lawn chair (see my IG for my ridiculously happy recent purchase). 

So here’s the deal I’m making with myself. I will commit 10 minutes to each of the things I need to do. Just 10. I’ll set the timer on my phone and turn on a good podcast and work for ten minutes on each task. If that’s all I do, then at least I did something.

If the juices get flowing, then I can come back and work some more after I finish the other items.

That’s the deal I’m making with myself. Just 10 minutes, right? That’s no big deal!

I’ve had a lot of success with this method and have used it to get many goals accomplished and projects finished. Try it the next time you are struggling to get going on a project, housework or even exercise and let me know how it goes.

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Healthy, Affordable Lunch!

So many of us try to eat healthy, but get frustrated when our wallets fight back against the high cost of healthy food. It is truly ridiculous that you can buy a 99-cent breaded chicken sandwich at a fast food chain that is basically complete junk, but a (slightly) healthier salad will cost you over $6. And I say slightly because those fast food salads are loaded with hidden fats and sugars. Fried onions? Toast? Creamy ranch? Honey pecans? You get the idea.

I usually pack my lunch so that I don’t have to pay $$$ for a healthy option when my tummy starts growling at me. The lunch I’m sharing with you today came almost completely from Aldi’s. I’ve only recently become an Aldi’s convert because it is 45 minutes away and I always assumed they were cheap and low quality. But, WOW! Was I wrong!

Aldi’s is inexpensive, but they are putting a huge effort into being health conscious and affordable. They carry many organic brands and just recently removed all trans fats, synthetic colors and msg from their brands. We especially love their 95-cent steamable frozen vegetables!

We went on Sunday and stocked up on veggies (both frozen and fresh), dried fruits, baby foods, cheese sticks and lots of other yummy foods. On Monday, I used many of these purchases to make a simple, healthy lunch that cost less than $2.25. Take a look and see if you can get some inspiration!

Monday's colorful lunch

<All prices below are approximations based on my memory because, unfortunately, I lost my receipt. Duh!><UPDATE! Found the receipt! J had it in his wallet! All prices have been updated!>

Chicken breasts- We purchased a frozen package of 4 pounds of chicken breasts for $5.49. We grilled them up and then I froze them into 3 oz portions. This little 2 oz chunk was leftover so into my lunch it went! Approx. cost- 18 cents.

Egg- This did not come from Aldi's. I purchased these from a local farmer at $2.50/12. At Aldi's, the eggs are generally 99 cents per dozen, so that would be waaaay cheaper, but I really enjoy the farm fresh ones. Approx. cost- 21 cents.

Cheesy veggies- These are the Aldi's brand of California blend with cheese. Generally we don’t do the cheese version, but we purchased a few bags for a change up. Each bag was $1.29 and the variety without cheese is only 95 cents. This is a half a bag. Approx. cost- 65 cents.

Grape tomatoes- I LOVE GRAPE AND CHERRY TOMATOES! These came in a pint container and I believe they were $1.49. I’ve had to restrain myself to not eat the whole container! Approx. cost- 28 cents.

Sweet peppers- These came in a good sized bag for $1.79 (again, I can’t remember exactly). Approx. cost- 32 cents.

Hummus- LOVE LOVE LOVE Hummus! The Aldi’s brand is $1.99 and I’ve trade a few flavors. Warning: The “Significantly Spicy” flavor doesn’t lie. Approx. cost- 24 cents.

All total, this lunch is approximately $1.93. Of course, your caloric needs may vary and you may need a lot more protein or more carbs which would affect your cost. However, no matter the amount you need to eat, this lunch will be very reasonable on price and will taste delicious! All the lovely colors provide many micronutrients and it has just enough fat to keep your coat shiny, lol!

No more excuses on eating healthy being too expensive. It can totally be done!

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

What Is In My Shopping Cart, You Ask?

Many people ask me what do I eat and I explain that I don’t cook and I eat the same foods over and over. I thought it would be neat to share with you all what was in my grocery cart this week so that maybe you would get some new ideas to try.
Before I start however, you will see some “good” food and some “bad” food in my cart. Get over it! There is no such thing as good food or bad food! Are some things healthier? Yes! But do some foods invoke joy at their deliciousness? Yes! A healthy diet involves a variety of foods and no food should be off limits. As long as the majority of your diet is lean meats, plants, fruits, nuts and seeds and you are getting plenty of fiber, enjoy yourself occasionally!

Steak- I’m not a big red meat eater, this is Jeremy’s. We grill out one night a week typically and he always fixes himself a steak. We rarely go out to eat, so this is his little treat.

Generic Honey Smacks Cereal- NOMNOM! I do have a sweet tooth and try to keep it under control, and having something fun to eat after I workout is very motivating! Junky carbs are best consumed post workout because they hit your system fast and promote quicker glycogen stores recovery. The last month or so I’ve been enjoying Peeps after my workouts. YUMMY! I was ready to do something different, so cereal it is! And if I’m feeling really crazy, I might use my protein powder to make “milk” for my cereal.

Pears- We sliced these up and grilled them with cinnamon and then put them over…..

Blue Bell Individual Ice Creams- Perfect little portion control fun! You can enjoy anything in moderation as long as the majority of your diet is full of healthy micronutrients, phytonutrients and all those wonderful little vitamins and minerals.

Watermelon- Honestly, how can you pass up a cute little watermelon? But keep reading about how I feel about fruit.

Chuck 85/15- I know I said above I don’t really eat a lot of red meat, but yesterday I decided I was in the mood for a burger. We pattied this package up into varying sizes (4 oz for me, 8 oz for J, and then one weirdo that was 3 oz). We grilled them last night and will eat on them the next few days.

Dt. Mt. Dew- Our collective vice. I realized this past week I was way too addicted to them and white Monsters, so I have actually been off the Monster and Dew train 5 days now. I’m not saying I’ll never drink them again, rather it’s a hiatus.

Salmon- This was a, “Hey, that looks good for supper!” purchase. It came already seasoned and on a cedar plank for grilling and was DELICIOUS! It was only $14.99 as well and we had leftovers. I sliced some up to eat with my omelet this morning.

My omelet with grilled veggies and salmon. I used my TupperWare Breakfast Maker to make the omelet in the microwave in three minutes! And it's currently on sale for only $15.

Water- I drink at least a gallon a day and refill my jug each morning. However, after 3-4 days of using the same jug I do wonder about bacteria and gross stuff so I’ll get a new one.

Tuna Pouches- I have found that the Kroger brand ranch tuna packet is actually a lot better than the Starkist variety. It “ranchier” and creamier. The macros are pretty close so it’s not a big deal to switch brands. J also got a couple of packages of a jalepeno tuna, so we will see how that plays out.

Tostitos Dip-etizers- Every Friday Kroger has a Friday Freebie download that allows you to get a product completely free. This past Friday it was a package of Tostitos Dip-etizers. I’m not sure there is anything healthy in this at all, lol, but I might find it tasty at some point. Of course, if I eat the whole thing, I’ll be consuming 54 grams of fat, but that leaves me with 20-ish the rest of the day, right?

Tum-E Yummies- This is one of those products that actually pisses me off. It’s sugar water that manufactures sell to parents for kids to consume thinking it’s healthy. Not. The only reason I have it is because it was also a Friday Freebie. Because it has 13 carbs (all from sugar) it will be an acceptable pre- or post-workout source of carbs. I will probably combine 2 ounces of this with water and my pre workout bcaa’s and creatine just to mix it up a bit. It will give my muscles a nice little carb boost before I workout.  I DO NOT advocate getting all your carbs from junk and I really don’t think you should drink your carbs if you can help it. I’m only doing this because it was free, and I hate to let something free go to waste!

Coconut oil- We love coconut oil at our house. Jeremy uses it for his breakfast cooking and I often add it to my protein powder, peanut butter “ice cream” to give it a really smooth texture.

Bread – I don’t eat a lot of bread because I prefer to get the majority of my carbs from veggies. Two slices of bread or a whole bag of veggies? To me, that’s a no brainer. The bread has basically no nutrients so I feel they are empty calories. And if I’m going to eat empty calories, I would rather have candy!

J's breakfast of egg, bacon and cheese on bread with a piece of his steak grilled last night.

Oats- We eat oatmeal every day. We have accidently ran out a couple of times and I can tell you that quinoa nor grits are an acceptable substitute in my world. In a perfect world we would use the steel cut foo-foo oats, but the old-fashioned 5 minute oats are the best I can handle.

Bananas- I divide fruit into two categories: lazy fruit and working fruit. Bananas are the pinnacle of lazy fruit. Peel and eat. Watermelons are working fruit. You have to rinse the rind, then you have to cut it into slices. It’s a lot of trouble. More examples: Grapes, lazy fruit. Yes, you have wash them, but it’s not that bad. Oranges, working fruit. The peeling process can be excruciating.

Cliff Bars- Very high carbs, but very tasty! I like to keep a few on hand in case I realize mid-day that I somehow have not had enough carbs. Let me clarify though, they are not a best choice and they are basically candy bars masquerading as health food. To be blunt, they are junk bars. Don’t build your carb intake around them. See them as accents to healthy meal plan or the Plan B of flexible dieting.

Simple Truth Energy Bars- See above. These are J’s btw.

Bacon- I really see no point in explaining this.

Stir Fry Veggies- We love to get these when they are marked down and grill them! Just make an aluminum foil pouch for them, drizzle a bit of olive oil and add some chopped garlic. Yummy!

So there is this week's haul. There are some things not in this that I eat all the time, like chicken and frozen veggies. I tend to stock up on those when I purchase them so that I don't have to get them all the time.

Let me know what your go-to foods are! What was the last new food you tried?

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hobo Life Week 1

We’ve officially been homeless for one week now and it is proving, so far, to be an awesome choice.

             First breakfast as a hobo. 

Since I haven’t posted about our plans and the recent changes in our lives, I guess I should get you all up to speed. We had our home on the market for much of 2015, but got tired of keeping it show ready all the time. We wanted to move closer to our business and cut the 35 minute commute down some, but we pulled it from the market in the Fall of 2015 and just decided to stay put awhile longer.

About that same time we purchased an older motor home with the intention of taking a weekend trip somewhere every month. It seemed like a great way to be adventurous and would allow us to be always looking forward to something. We took our first trip to Florida in December and loved it!

Flash forward to January 2016 when someone who had expressed interest in our home previously came back and gave us a solid offer. We accepted and then quickly realized this was an opportunity to do something crazy!

Once we signed the paperwork on the house sale, we had 30 days to move out.  You wouldn’t believe how much stuff you can cram in a home if you live in it for 12 years! Holy crap! We probably took 20% of our stuff straight to the dump and 40% to the local thrift store. The other 40% went in storage and we are living in our motorhome!

We have a lot of plans to see the US eventually, but right now we are focusing on simplifying our lives. It’s amazing how much stuff we don’t miss! And it’s weird how much free time we have when we have no tv and no housekeeping to do.

I was setting outside last night panicking because I felt like I should be doing something. Normally when we get home from the gym I spend an hour or so doing dishes, washing laundry, sorting the mail and then plopping in front of the tv for an hour or so. When your home is less than 200 square feet, cleaning takes no time. And when you don't have cable or dish, you can't mindlessly watch for hours on end. 

And since we are using just our cellular data to do the internet thing, we aren’t quite sure yet how that is going to work. We aren’t scrolling through the Book of Faces or the IG all the time since we are trying to conserve data and that has opened up a lot of time as well.

There are a few things we haven’t quite figured out yet, but so far, the pros outweight the cons. And because the cons are kind of funny, I’ll be sure to fill y’all in on them soon.

Until then, I’ll be living the hobo life.

What would you do if you suddenly had 3-4 more free hours each day? Where should be go for first official hobo trip? 

Stay Strong Y'all!

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