Thursday, January 19, 2017

Exogenous Ketones

I've been asked a few times lately about exogenous ketones and whether I thought they were a good/worthwhile supplement to take for fat loss. First, let me say I'm not an expert in this area nor do I have a chemistry background. However, from my research there are a few cases where ketone supplementation is worth looking into.

1) You are already in or going into dietary ketosis. Supplements do appear to help you get there and stay there. They also appear to provide a buffer against carb slip ups while you are in dietary ketosis.

2) You are a high level athlete on a restricted calorie diet. Ketones have been shown to give extra energy to athletes during time of high physical demand when calorie consumption is deficient to support activity.

For the rest of us, don't waste your money. Some studies show that in average folks, it actually restricts fat burning because the body will use the ketones in the supplement rather than fat stores. Any positive effect for the average person is probably coming from the caffeine that many of these supplements contain.

Folks, THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL! If it were easy to be healthy and in good shape, everyone would be. Unfortunately we live in a society that makes unhealthy very easy and healthy very hard.

It won't be easy. It won't be fast. And if it is, it won't last.

Accept that it is going to be hard, prepare to fight, man up and fight!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Please Don't Join A Gym, Overhaul Your Diet, Quit Smoking And Drinking

I know you have your New Year's Resolution List ready to kick 2017's butt!, But wait... take a look at what I wrote over at our CrossFit Murray blog. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I Am Accepting Applications!

Hey Y'all!

I'm currently accepting applications for the following position:

Gym Caddy

Responsibilities include:

Loading/unloading my barbell during weightlifting work- If I expend energy loading and unloading my barbell, that's less energy I have for my workout. The ideal candidate will be fluent in both metric and U.S. customary units.

Setting up equipment- The time before a workout needs to be spent mentally preparing for the task at hand and emptying the bladder. My gym caddy will allow me to do such things by setting up all needed equipment prior to my workout. This could include boxes, jump ropes, abmats, kettlebells, barbells, etc. 

Knowing my abilities- My gym caddy must know all my maxes, my preferences for rig stations, barbells and boxes, and my capabilities for any given workout. This ties into the duties listed above as the ideal candidate knows precisely what I need for any wod and he/she will generally not need to question me as to which weight and/or size equipment I need. 

Ensuring I have chalk at all times- The gym caddy will be held responsible for ensuring that I am never more than 3 feet from a solid piece of chalk. Minimum dimension on said piece of chalk is 1x2x3. 

Mixing/presenting pre workout drink- Pre workout hydration and supplementation is incredibly important and my gym caddy will ensure that I am ready for the day’s work. Caddy will be expected to know whether the day’s work requires stimulant-type pre workout, supplement-type pre workout or a mixture of both.

Preparing/presenting post workout nutrition- Gym caddy will have the post workout nutrition ready for consumption within 15 minutes of workout completion. The meal or drink will already be planned/packaged by me, caddy may need to assemble and/or heat.

Counting repetitions- Gym caddy will be responsible for ensuring an accurate rep count of all movements. Whether it’s 5 reps or 50, he/she must ensure I do not lose count.

Other duties as dictated. Could include cheering and motivating, mopping up blood/sweat/urine,  playing the role of a child in CF kids classes,  fetching towels, turning on fans, turning off fans, etc.

This position is open immediately. Hours vary based on time of year and my mood. Salary is non-existent however; I write excellent letters of recommendation and will gladly lobby for MSU credit hours for the right candidate. Please send resumes to

**Please note: this is a joke**

**Unless you like to work for free**

Stay Strong Y'all!

RANDOM: Do you Skimm? Check it out to be smart.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Working At Home: Distractions, Focus and Getting Stuff Done

Working at home is so amazing! Sitting in your jammies, busting out work while sipping coffee and eating bon bons. Stopping to take a mid morning nap and do a little yoga. Fixing a lovely lunch and then powering through a To-Do list that would make Santa jealous.

Yeah right.

Working at home looks more like this.

Fire up laptop. Open needed documents. Work five minutes. Computer decides to update.  Restart computer. Open needed documents. Work three minutes. Remember you need to wash gym towels. Go start a load. Computer goes to sleep. Open needed documents. Computer battery low. Find charger. Work ten minutes. Spouse comes in and needs help with a project outside. Need food. Open needed documents. Husband leaves TV on. Get sucked into Netflix. Open needed documents. Work 7 minutes. Realize you need to brush teeth. Open needed documents. Wait, you have to pee! Work 5 minutes. Remember to move towels to dryer. Open needed documents. Start signing song that's playing on Pandora. Need calculator. Find calculator. Work 5 minutes. Phone goes off. Solve life crisis for somebody. Open needed documents. Remember you need to make a Facebook post about Paleo Challenge. Open needed documents. Realize it's time to get ready to go to your afternoon work.

Yep, that's typically how it goes for me if I don't really structure and discipline myself. 5 hours of "work" time results in only about 30 minutes of actual work. This is how I get things done now.

Step 1: Decide how long to work and what I'm working on.

I'm usually good for a thirty minute stretch and then my brain needs a break so that's what I usually shoot for. I decide exactly what I want to work on and what I want to accomplish in this work period.

Step 2: Gather everything

Do a brief run through in your head of what you will need to get this task done. Paper, pen, calculator, water, charger, documents open on your computer, files, receipts, reference books...whatever you need, gather it now.

Step 3: Turn off all distractions

For me, this means the TV has to be off. I cannot work if I am even remotely interested in what's on at the moment. Somewhere in my brain is always listening to what is being said and that keeps me from being as productive as possible. I do like to have music on, but it cannot have lyrics and it cannot be instrumental versions of songs with lyrics. This means that 'Classical Focus" on Pandora is great, because it has no words, but it has a soothing rhythm. And while I love the "Pop Goes Classical" channel, my brain will be signing, "Para...Para...Paradise...." from Coldplay even though it's all violins and cellos.

Turning off all distractions also means that nothing can be open on my computer except the files & tabs I need to accomplish the project. If I am working on registration forms and score cards for an event we are hosting, then no internet tabs, no temptations! If I am working on a nutrition plan for a client, I will have My Fitness Pal open, but that's it! No email, no Facebook...

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and then turn it upside down. Nothing will probably happen in thirty minutes that can't wait.

Step 4: Pee

Your bladder has an innate timer set to go off exactly two minutes after you sit down to work. And it is really hard to work and focus for a full thirty minutes when your bladder is doing everything in it's power to get your attention. Prevent this by going before you start. Even if you don't think you need to go, as my Grandmother said, try!

Step 5: Set a timer and work

Now you are ready to go hard! Make sure your computer is awake and all files are ready. Grab that phone one last time and set a timer and turn your phone back over. Work hard and no peaking at the timer! Inevitably, during your work time you will think of 90 million things that are really important that you need to do RIGHT NOW that have nothing to do with the project you are working on. Have a notepad beside you and jot down those random thoughts when they pop into your head and keep working. When it goes off, proceed to Step 6! Or, if you find yourself in the Zone and working like the Little Engine That Could, then keep going!

Step 6: Play!
Yay you! You earned a little break! Grab a snack. Jump on the Book of Faces. Look at that postie note with all the things you need to and do those that are truly important.

Step 7: Repeat
To have a truly productive day, repeat this cycle.

I think that you'll find you can get more done in 3-4 mini hyper focused work session each day than if you just spend 5 hours of your day "working".

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This Is Why We Have A Health Crisis In America! (Well, One Reason)





This is not a breakfast sandwich!

It's a cookie.

A cookie.

I know you, dear reader, can see that this is a sneaky, smarmy marketing trick and realize this is not a breakfast sandwich. But how many people in this country are being tricked by the words and labels used on this box?

"4 hours of NUTRITIOUS steady energy"

"15 g whole grain"

First off, let's look at that ingredient list. The  number one ingredient is whole grain wheat flour. That's not a terrible thing in and of itself, but many people have gluten and wheat sensitivities. My beef with this first ingredient is if the basis of your breakfast is FLOUR, your not getting the most out of your breakfast!

Second ingredient: SUGAR! (hint, there's your energy)

Third ingredient: Enriched flour. Life lesson, it's called enriched flour because they strip all the good stuff out of it in processing and have to put stuff back in. I liken it to them dumping some multi-vitamins into the flour drum. See all those things in parenthesis? That's the vitamins they are adding back in! Here's a thought. Why two flours?? Why not just use the better one for all the baking??? OR maybe we should eat things that have Niacin (a Vitamin B), iron (found in meats and beans), Mononitrate and riboflavin (more Bs) naturally?

Fourth ingredient: Whole grain blend. If it's the fourth ingredient, there can't be that much. And now we are up to 3 flours. So basically, flour, flour, sugar, flour.

Fifth ingredient: Palm oil. Ah ha! There it is ! The refined carb, processed food trifecta. Flour, sugar, oil.

You can make basically anything with those three ingredients. And those ingredients have basically zero health benefits. Seriously, pick up any prepackaged food in a box and look. It is probably 90% those three things, right?

I read somewhere that if the name of an object has the word "luxury" in it's title, it's really not luxury at all and is just trying really hard to be fancy. Same goes for "classy". People and places that are truly classy would never use that word to describe themselves.

I feel the same way about foods. If the package has to scream at you that it's healthy, it's most likely not.

While I'm on a soapbox, here's a few other things that aren't breakfast foods.

Chocolate breakfast muffins.


Granola Bars

Most cereals

Aim for a breakfast that has complex carbs, proteins and fats to truly keep you full and give you energy.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "If it's so terrible, why does she have it?" Good questions guys! Every Friday Kroger has a Friday Freebie that you can load to your Kroger card. I ALWAYS get the Friday Freebie because I like free stuff. And even if the offering is junk, there is a place for junk in any healthy diet within reason.

This is mainly refined carbs so I might eat it pre or post workout to bump up my carbs a bit. Or if I have some carbs left over at the end of the day I might eat it as a dessert treat. It will definitely NOT replace my morning meal which really does give me 4 hours of nutritious steady energy.

**Disclaimer- this post was written and set to publish prior to me being in a Paleo Challenge. Lol, this is DEFINITELY a no go for me right now.**

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Monday, October 31, 2016

November Has Me Like...

Remember the title of this blog is "Doodleturtle's Random Thoughts" and this is one of those random posts!  I've just got so many things running through my head I have to get them out!

First, I've been quite negligent in posting about our hobo life since...... we are no longer hobos!! About three months ago we purchased some land and we moved our motorhome from the campground to our land! Let me tell you, this place is beautiful, but it was a dump. TWO single wide trailers (circa 1976 and 1965) were on the property and the people who lived here before us did not believe in trash pick up. The options they saw were 1) burn it, 2) throw it in the woods or 3) build a storage building to put it in. 

No joke. 

So we've spent the last 3 months hauling off trash and trailers and tearing down buildings. There is still a ton of work to do, but it's much, much better! We have a great old barn we've fixed up and many spots that would be perfect for our future house.

And speaking of house, we've decided sadly that Betsy just won't do through the winter for us to live in. She's a great motorhome and we are sad to see her go, but she's just too small. And since she's built more for warmer climates, we just don't think she'd be able to handle a cold winter. It's crazy that we've lived in her since March! 7 months! I don't think I ever posted pictures, so here you go. These are from the day we purchased it.

This is our kitchen, the hallway/bathroom and a view into the bedroom.

The view from the bathroom looking at the kitchen and living room.

Our dainty little bathroom

Our bedroom

Tiny right? Yep, that's been our tiny house for the last 7 months!

In her place, we are getting a new camper! Fingers crossed our new-to-us "home" will be delivered Friday! It's a fifth-wheel and has SOOO much more room than we have right now. I'm so stinking excited to actually have a living room and an OVEN! Yep, we've not had an oven in months.

It's not new at all, but it's new to us and fits perfectly in our budget and will help us get to our financial goals quickly. Score one for the month of November!

The kitchen and hallway.

Our bedroom..with a king size bed!

Also starting November 1 our box is hosting an "Earn Your Turkey Dinner" Paleo Challenge. It's been a loooong time since I was straight Paleo, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. It's 23 days leading up to Turkey Day of lean meats, veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits. No dairy, grains, legumes, artificial sweeteners or alcohol. 

Y'all, I've eaten oatmeal for breakfast for probably the last two years. Aaaargh..... And I've eaten Taco Bell 4 times a week for the last year.....Chicken Power Bowl, look it up, yum!!! 

There are definitely some changes in my diet I will making, but I'm looking forward to cleaning it all up and sharing the progress with you guys. 

One kink I haven't decided on with the Paleo Challenge is what to do on my trip...Yep! Another exciting thing about November is that we are going on a trip! I'm not giving away details yet, but the countdown is on and I'm stoked. 

So there are 3 big things I'm looking forward to in November! Wait, make that 4! 

J and I will be celebrating 22 years of marriage in November! What?!?! Crazy right?

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thoughts On Fitness

Thoughts on fitness. Growing up, I was not an athletic kid. I have vision problems so anything involving a ball is not my jam. I tried to play baseball (ha!) one season, but that was a tragedy. I also played one game of church league volleyball and hit some poor guy in the back of his head when it was my turn to serve. Flag football turned out to be something I enjoyed, but I could only play defense. My  primary job was to run like hell at the offensive line and try to freak them out (and not get called offsides).

I took dance lessons from the time I was 4 until I got married and I loved it, but I was never going to be a prima ballerina. Have you seen me? Long, lean and graceful don’t exactly describe my limbs. Flexibility didn’t allow me to be very bendy either so I was more of a ploppy, ploddy ballerina. God bless Mrs. Linda for her patience.

In middle school I found cheerleading, but I was too heavy to be flier. I’m scared of heights so that didn’t help either. I was too weak to be a base so that left me with one job.  I made an excellent sign holder! And on special occasions, I got to hold a megaphone! I tried out for the high school squad but they required everyone to have a back handspring (see flexibility issue above).

 As an adult, I tried to be a runner, but then again, have you seen my body? Runner’s high is something mythical that I never experienced. Unless it was that moment that I was hyper-ventilating at the end of a 5k because I tried to sprint across the finish line and was seeing stars and the world was spinning. Hmmm…

Enter CrossFit.

I was about 30 when I went to my first CrossFit class and discovered that it was something I could do and I enjoyed it! My body puts on muscle easily, so that’s an obvious plus in CF. My levers aren’t bad for the lifts and weirdly, the gymnastics movements came pretty naturally.  We do run in CF and that still sucks, but I can tell I’m getting better all the time. CrossFit was/is the thing that finally made fitness fun for me.

Another thing CrossFit brought out in me was a highly competitive side I didn’t really know I had. I’d never been good enough at anything to stand a snowballs chance at winning a competition. I won’t say I hate to lose, because it doesn’t really bother me to lose to a better opponent. I just don’t want to let someone down that is watching me and taking cues from me. Goal setting has always been important to me. If I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it or go down trying.
CrossFit rewards hard work.

For me, CrossFit is my fitness. For you, it might be running. It might be yoga. It might be tennis. Whatever is it, YAY YOU!

If you don’t have a fitness regime that is fun and enjoyable, find something! Your body is a gift and if you aren’t exercising, you aren’t honoring that gift.

I’d love for you to try CrossFit with us at CrossFit Murray. You might find you love the challenge and the great community of people and that you look forward to working out each day. If you decide it’s not for you, I understand. Lol, I have lots of friends that run and I think they are crazy! J