Nutrition Coaching Options

I love to help people reach their goals and have discovered a nerd level love with nutrition and eating for performance and physique! If you are interested in my help, here are some options I offer. 

Nutrition Coaching Options

Option 1

A one hour in-person or Skype consultation
Cost: $75

We look at your current nutrition and set up some reasonable and achievable goals with small tweaks to help you make sustainable changes. A two week email follow up to check in and monitor progress is also included. 

Option 2

Monthly nutrition coaching.
This plan allows for you and I to work closely together to monitor your progress and goals. The first month includes:

Cost for first month: $150 
-initial phone consult
-pre consult questionnaire
-calorie and macro numbers established
- starting report with plan and rational
-weekly email check-ins and progress evaluations
-unlimited email questions

After the first month, the pricing can be different depending on your level of confidence with continuing and executing your plan. 

My long term goal with clients is to teach them how to monitor their own progress and goals and make changes as necessary.

I do want to stress that I am not an advocate of crazy cuts or bulks. I believe in slow, sustainable progress with no reckless calorie cuts or increases.

Client examples and testimonials:

I'm just so excited about Courtney's progress! She's another one that is a hard working momma and wife who runs a business and still finds time to meal prep and take care of herself! She just had a baby a few months ago people!!

I take your current nutrition diary and tweak it to fit specific macro nutrient goals. You journal 7 days of eating and then I adjust it with some suggestions. The end result is a 7 day meal plan you can follow that is similar to your current diet. 

I've enjoyed every minute of working with her and am proud of the progress she has made and continues to make!

Fran was already fit and fabulous momma, but with a little tweaking to her diet, WOAH! Look at those changes in just a short amount of time! I am really looking forward to how far this lady can go!

Contact me if you are ready to make a change! I am Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and have experience working with athletes and non-athletes.

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