Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In my brain as I train: A minute by minute blow by blow

11:00 I'm going to go for a warm up run. It's so pretty!

11:02 uggg. Where are my sunglasses?

11:03 I'll steal Js.
11:05 yay running! I'm going to run the whole mile!

11:08 Wait. Aren't you supposed to warm up before you run? I should probably walk a bit. 

11:12 hmmmm?? What will I eat for my PWO treat?? IIFYM FTW!

11:16 I love running the hill!

11:17 haha JK. 14 minute mile. Yeah baby!

11:23 OHS=Goat. doubles to a heavy

11:25 🎶 Took another sip of the potion hit the three wheel motion 🎶

11:28 gotta write the kids WOD

11:32 omg why do I suck sooo bad at these??

11:33 ooh! A message from April! Hi Ape!

11:40 yeah, I hit dat double. 

11:50 the fun continues. Operation Clean Your Dirty Snatch is underway. 

11:52 arghhhh my shoulder hurts. Thanks 15.4 and thank goodness for Dr. E at 1:30

11:55 ok these feel decent

11:56 stupid foot, stanky leg

11:59 gotta pee

12:03 hungry....

12:07 got coached. Got frustrated. Got tears. Stupid snatch

12:12 ok, technique work and baby weights it is. 

12:22 five more of these stupid things and I'm done. Concept of needed correction is grasped. Execution is elusive. 

12:23 %#€^%#<~!!!! Blogger just deleted my post and most of my pictures!!! Damn it!!

12:34 4 more

12:36 Eff OHS! Eff snatches! Eff blogger!!

12:40 yay Deadlifts! I LOVE DEADLIFTS! Me- "I wanna be a power lifter, Coach!" Coach- "Takes no skill"   Eff OHS! Eff snatches! Eff bloggerEff you coach!! (Said with love)

12:44 yeah glutes baby! 🎶Shake dat ass for me🎶🎶

12:47 gotta pee again

12:50 phone blowing up... on a Tuesday

12:54 DONE! Now stretching then nomnoms
Repeat tomorrow

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Opposite ends of the spectrum.

I have seen two different ends of the new athlete spectrum this week at the gym.

Athlete A is your average mom who has put her children first for the last few years and has now decided to focus a bit on herself. She is not in terrible shape, but she isn't as thin and shapely as she probably used to be. She has been in class a bit over two weeks and is upset with herself because it's harder than she thought. She isn't seeing results and feels incredibly awkward. Quitting has become a habit with her and she is ready to give up now. I wish I could convince her that she is being way harder on herself than anyone else is. I wish I had magic powers and could show her her future if she sticks with it. She could see how strong and confident she will be. Results come slowly, but they do come if you stick with it.

Athlete B is a young man that struggles with his weight and self image. The first night when I met him he was slumped over and hiding his face. He was literally trying to hide behind everyone. He is overweight and needs physical fitness to save his life. I was worried that it would be really hard for him to adapt to our crazy, loud CrossFit workouts. However, I was wrong. By the end of the first week, his posture had completely changed and he was standing tall. You could see his face clearly and he was ready to go! Tonight I realized he had seen his future and how awesome it could be. My heart swells with joy with the realization that his life is going to be different!

No big "moral of the story" here. Just some observations.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekly goals!

I have big yearly goals that always drive my days, but sometimes those goals are too big to be relevant every, single day. So most weeks I set weekly goals as well. Here are this week's...

1) Row a 500 every training day (I hate to warm up, this forces me to start)
2) Stretch at least 5 minutes every training day (easy for me to slack on)
3) Focus on thoracic stretching specifically for 2-3 minutes
4) Drink one water between every non-water beverages (I love coffee and Monster)
5) 25 snatch drills each training day
6) Get more calcium! (I don't really worry about my calcium b/c I lift so much, but I've been slacking on my greens and that is a GREAT way to get calcium)

Numbers 1-3 are a repeat of last weeks and I did them all but one day. Saturday slipped by me, oops!

I'll do them again this week (and the next) until it's autopilot.

4 & 5 are new this week and I'm super excited about them both, not.