Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In my brain as I train: A minute by minute blow by blow

11:00 I'm going to go for a warm up run. It's so pretty!

11:02 uggg. Where are my sunglasses?

11:03 I'll steal Js.
11:05 yay running! I'm going to run the whole mile!

11:08 Wait. Aren't you supposed to warm up before you run? I should probably walk a bit. 

11:12 hmmmm?? What will I eat for my PWO treat?? IIFYM FTW!

11:16 I love running the hill!

11:17 haha JK. 14 minute mile. Yeah baby!

11:23 OHS=Goat. doubles to a heavy

11:25 🎶 Took another sip of the potion hit the three wheel motion 🎶

11:28 gotta write the kids WOD

11:32 omg why do I suck sooo bad at these??

11:33 ooh! A message from April! Hi Ape!

11:40 yeah, I hit dat double. 

11:50 the fun continues. Operation Clean Your Dirty Snatch is underway. 

11:52 arghhhh my shoulder hurts. Thanks 15.4 and thank goodness for Dr. E at 1:30

11:55 ok these feel decent

11:56 stupid foot, stanky leg

11:59 gotta pee

12:03 hungry....

12:07 got coached. Got frustrated. Got tears. Stupid snatch

12:12 ok, technique work and baby weights it is. 

12:22 five more of these stupid things and I'm done. Concept of needed correction is grasped. Execution is elusive. 

12:23 %#€^%#<~!!!! Blogger just deleted my post and most of my pictures!!! Damn it!!

12:34 4 more

12:36 Eff OHS! Eff snatches! Eff blogger!!

12:40 yay Deadlifts! I LOVE DEADLIFTS! Me- "I wanna be a power lifter, Coach!" Coach- "Takes no skill"   Eff OHS! Eff snatches! Eff bloggerEff you coach!! (Said with love)

12:44 yeah glutes baby! 🎶Shake dat ass for me🎶🎶

12:47 gotta pee again

12:50 phone blowing up... on a Tuesday

12:54 DONE! Now stretching then nomnoms
Repeat tomorrow

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