Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot dog jerky puppy treats!

If you haven't noticed, the title of this blog implies that you are going to get random posts and today is one of those. Eleiko has some allergies and we are trying to reduce the number of carbs in his diet. More proteins and healthy fats, less grains. But have you ever tried to find carb free dog treats? Ummm....can you say expensive?! 

So redneck treats it is! Hot dog jerky baby! Yes, I know hot dogs aren't healthy, but they don't have "enriched flour" as the first ingredient so it's an improvement. I mean, he eats dead birds, so hot dogs can't be much worse! 

I bought the el cheap I hot dogs at 98 cents and then sliced them in half.

 Using my handy dandy egg slicer gave me perfect hot dog coins (genius, I know).

Then I put them in the oven at 250 for an hour and a half. The Google says you can microwave them as well, but somehow, that feels like cheating. I am a serious chef here.

Let me tell you, he LOVES them. Doggy training has improved greatly because he knows I have yummy treats in my pocket!
 They even got him to pose for this picture! But because I was dangling treats it seems I couldn't hold the camera still, smh. 

Stay strong y'all! 

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