Friday, April 24, 2015

Are you a lion or a lamb? Goals.

If you are a certain age you remember the Counting Crows song, "Round Here". There is one line that has always stuck out to me....

"Round here we talk just like lions, but we sacrifice like lambs"

Do we do that with our goals and dreams? I think we do.

We talk about our goals and we make plans to achieve them. We are all pumped up and excited

and then

a stumbling block appears.

And we bow our heads and quietly give up.

Maybe that goal is to get in shape so we buy a gym membership and new clothes and we go a couple of times. But then we have a meeting at work that runs late so we skip the gym. And the next day our to-do list is just too long so we skip the gym and run errands. We vow to get up early to hit the 6:30 AM class, but we decide not to wake the kids up early to go with us because it's too much trouble. And before you know it, the goal of getting in shape is long forgotten.

Maybe that goal is to organize our closet and keep it that way so we spend money on hangers and boxes and bins and pin lots of great looking closets on Pinterest. But then we purchase five new shirts and don't remove five so it gets a little crowded. And then we try on twelve outfits and none of them are right so we throw them on the floor. A friend shows up with a box of clothes for us to have and out of misplaced obligation we take them all. And then we can no longer see the floor nor shut the door of the closet.

Maybe that goal is to brown bag our lunch every day for 30 days. Week one we go to the grocery store and stock up. Week two we don't remember to get the bread so that throws our plan off and we decide to order in "just today" until we can stop by the store. But we forget. And then everybody is going out to lunch on Friday for Susie's birthday and we can't hurt Susie's feelings. And by day 9 we either feel like a failure or we are full of excuses why we can't complete our goal.

What happened in all these situations?

 Lion turned lamb.


Before you get all excited about your goal and roar, decide how bad you really want it. Are you ready to fight for it? Are you ready to put yourself and your goals high on the priority list? Can you comfortably and confidently explain to someone why you are choosing to be different? Because if you can't, you won't and you will sacrifice your dreams quietly.

But if you can, you can do anything! When faced with adversity you will behave like the lion, calmly observing the obstacle and calculating your best move. Option one, scaring it away with a core trembling roar or, option two, destroying the obstacle with ferocity. Either way, the lion wins.

Stay strong y'all.

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