Friday, June 26, 2015

Random update on my life shenanigens

Hey there folks!

I'm embarrassed that I haven't been on here in awhile, but this is a hobby and sometimes other things come first. This is going to be a complete off the top of my head ramble so brace yourself.

I woke up this morning before 6 AM for some unknown reason. Steroids maybe? More on that later, lol. The good news to waking up early is that you can tackle your to-do list or at least get a head start on it. 

I keep a very short non-negotiable "To-Do Today" everyday and then I keep another list entitled "To-Do Eventually." I purposefully kept today's list short so that I could get it done and enjoy the rest of my day.

Today's list has two things on it. Answer all the emails that came in Thurs and Fri and finish my weekly reading for my nutrition certification. Because I woke up at dawn, the emails are done! Nothing makes me feel as calm and as peaceful as a clean inbox. Seriously. (UPDATE- While typing two emails came in. Haha! Let it go....Let it go....)

And the reading can get finished today while I am lounging on the boat this afternoon. I EARNED this lake day baby!

Yesterday was hella busy in a fabulous way!  I coached morning, lunch and afternoon classes, I had an eye doctor appointment 30 minutes away in the middle of the morning, a new nutrition client phone consult, one of our youth lifters was competing at the USA Weightlifting National Youth Championships in Minneanapolis, MN and I was helping him watch his food before weigh-in (he won SILVER!!) and it was opening night of the play my daughter was directing in a nearby town. And I had about two hours of training myself to cram in! Oh! And I had a Tupperware order to get in and close by midnight in order to get all my June sales in (did it, made my goal, earned a bonus, woot woot!)

And as I laid in bed last night looking over the day I thought HOW FRICKIN AWESOME IS MY LIFE?! I get to help other people do awesome things with their lives and at the same time do awesome things with my own!

But let's go back a week ago and fill in some details of why I've not blogged lately. 

Last Friday night as I was chowing down on my Taco Bell on the way home, (what? You don't think a coach eats the Bell? Ha! 5 nights out of 7 baby!) I noticed my teeth felt weird. Like that feeling when you've just had your braces tightened and they are feeling pressured and itchy. 

I didn't think too much of it and figured I was starting to get a sinus infection or something. That night I woke up in the middle of the night with my mouth hurting. Bad. 

(Insert FB status here)

I took some Advilr and finally fell back asleep. The next morning it was still bad and we had our Battle of the Boxes competition at the gym so I just ate some more Advil and did my best to ignore it. 

That night at home I was crying in pain. I have never taken pain meds except when I had my daughter via c-section 20 years ago, but I damn near overdosed probably that night on Lortabs! 

Sunday morning I woke up with the whole right side of my face swollen up. J said I was, "growing a snout". LOL, nope! Abcessed tooth. Thankfully I got it taken care of and am healing up nicely. But it was NOT FUN!

Hope y'all have been doing much better!

Stay strong y'all!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

So proud of this lady!

I'm just so excited about Courtney's progress! She's another one that is a hard working momma and wife who runs a business and still finds time to meal prep and take care of herself! She just had a baby a few months ago people!!

I've enjoyed every minute of working with her and am proud of the progress she has made and continues to make!

Stay strong y'all!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Guest Post Friday! Sometimes You're The Bug, Sometimes You're The Windshield.

A former client, Dana Bird, competed last weekend in the Battle of the Bluegrass and when I saw what she wrote about her experience, I asked her if I could share.

Dana is one strong mamma who is committed to her workouts and her nutrition! She works a demanding job, coaches CF classes, is a supportive wife and is mom to two awesome little boys that rock out on the golf course. Between driving to different towns for her job and driving her boys to practices and tournaments, if anybody has an excuse to not take care of herself, Dana does! But she doesn't! She trains and she trains HARD. She meal preps and packs food with her everywhere she goes so that she isn't caught unprepared. 

Dana posted this on her Facebook page.

I love this article by Aja Barto in the book, The Invictus Mindset. "Sometimes you're the bug. Sometimes you're the windshield." It's how we handle those moments when we are the bug that help us grow. I had a "bug" WOD yesterday. I was the only athlete in my heat with the sun beating down on me... But I kept reminding myself that the last 2 heats had to deal with this heat in the sun too. The sun was right beside my wall ball target. I was squinting to see, my head and shoulders felt like they were on fire, and then when I got to my bar mu's I slipped due to my grips. I had to stop, take my grips off, and continue... I hate wearing grips but knew I'd rip if I didn't. I was no repped several times on the wall balls due to missing the target, all were totally legit no reps. My judge was good and fair, as it should be. Yep.
It was getting ugly. And then when I got back on the bar I tore during my mu's... Not 1, not 2, but in 3 places. Both palms. I was pissed. I felt mentally defeated. I just wanted the 14' to be OVER. I had reached the point of no return, my self talk was shit and I knew it BUT I didn't stop. I pushed through and did what I could do. Here's the point... We have to be prepared for unknown crazy circumstances. We all have moments where we feel like the bug. Yesterday I learned a lot by competing, one... I need to trust my lifts on competition day. My body can do more than I give it credit for when the pressure is on. And two... My bug moment made me a stronger athlete mentally and I'll be better because of that experience the next time something goes array! Because it will happen again. It's all a matter of perspective. "Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It's the courage that counts." -John Wooden 

Isn't that the best advice? It's very zen, really to accept that bad things are going to happen and that we should think of them like a gift to grow from. 

Like I wrote about last week, rejection and bad things are inevitable. The sooner we learn to accept it and work with it, not against it, the better off we are. 

Think of that the next time you are the bug. 

Thank you Dana for letting me share your post!

Stay strong y'all!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Joys of Rejection

I love listening to podcasts because it it an easy way to learn and gain more knowledge. I listen while cleaning the house, driving to work and during my warm up before I work out. 

I also love to read blogs and have a list of favorites in Safari that I check 3-5 times per week. 

It's always interesting to me how themes come up in what I'm listening to/reading and how fitting they are to what is going on with my life. 

Lately, the theme of accepting and expecting rejection has been recurring. Instead of worrying about and fearing rejection, the authors have been encouraging me (and you) to seek out, embrace and enjoy rejection! Crazy right?

The idea speaks to me because many of us fear rejection. We go through life afraid to do things, afraid to ask for things because we are afraid of the dreaded word, "No."

But what if you set out with the goal of getting a no? What if you set out to get 5 "No"s in a week? You would be happy when someone said no, right? Because it meant you were closer to your goal, you would be happy about that rejection!

But think about if someone said, "Yes!". Well, that is pretty darn good, too! It's a win-win!

Here's an example. Many of you know I've started selling Tupperware. I love their products for food storage and I love the convenience their products offer for transporting my foods around. With this new venture, I've embraced a "Go for No" attitude! Each week, I have set a goal to get two "No"s. I could get those in the following ways. 

  • Ask a friend to host a party
  • Ask a group if they would like to use Tupperware for a fundraiser
  • Ask someone if they would to like start selling Tupperware
  • Ask someone if they would like to order an item from the sale flier

Hey, here's a perfect "Go for No!" moment! Would you, reader, like to look at my online sales page

On a more personal level, you could use this in a variety of ways!

 Maybe you could ask someone you admire for some one-on-one brain picking time by inviting them to coffee.

Maybe you have been thinking about applying to the local college to get a degree. Go for it! What's the worst that could happen?

Maybe you can sing, but are nervous about singing in public. Ask the music director at church if you could sing a special. If he/she says no, then no worries, you met your goal. But if they say yes! Look at the window of opportunity you have opened for yourself!

Personal and professional growth is all about getting over the fear of rejection. It IS going to happen. Once you accept that and embrace it, there is nowhere to go but up! If someone says, "No", then it's ok because I am meeting my goal. If someone says, "Yes" then WOOO HOOO!

I am also using this in other areas as well such as my personal nutrition coaching business and CrossFit Murray. When you embrace and expect people to reject you, only good things can happen! Sure, at first the sting is still there, but the pain is numbed. Growing pains, right?

Here are some current resources and inspirations to get you ready for the "No." 

I haven't read this yet, but it's on my list. I've listened to the author give interviews and it has piqued my curiosity. Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

"Go for No"  by Richard Fenton

Stay Strong Y'all!

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Protein Chia Seed Pudding!

Here's a recipe I created over at CrossFit Murray.

Please hop over and check it out! 

Stay strong y'all! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Tupperware Lady Unboxing!

A few weeks ago I decided to become a Tupperware Lady!

Yes, I know that term is outdated and not PC, but I like it and I'm a lady so I'm using it!

I love to decant things into pretty, organized containers and I'm constantly hauling food around so I thought Tupperware would be a perfect fit. 

My box of supplies came in last Tuesday, but I wanted to do an unboxing video and I wanted my daughter to take part so I waited until last night.

And this folks, is why you should buy your Tupperware from me!

Alternate Title: "Fittest Tupperware Lady" 

Disclaimer: all bad jokes and silliness are all my own. Tupperware, in no shape or form, advocates any of my antics. I, nor Tupperware, advocate using the large spice containers to slowly poison someone. I do not know if the "Butter of the Month" club exists, but it probably shouldn't.