Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why you need a "Yay Me!" Journal!

We have all heard of daily journals where we write down our thoughts on the things that have happened during the day and we've all probably had one. We've all also heard of gratitude journals where we write down all the things we are thankful for.

Neither of these is what I'm recommending today. 

What I am going to encourage you to do is to start a "Yay Me!" Journal (Remember London Tipton on "The Suite Life? Say it that way. If you have no clue, google it)

This can be a pen and paper journal or just a note on your phone. The format doesn't matter. What matters is that you are going to write down things that happen to you that make you feel AWESOME! Absolutely no negative things. Only positives. 

This week I've been excited about an opportunity that has come up for me to work with some really special people that will also help me accomplish one of my personal 2015 goals. When I got off the phone about this opportunity, I immediately put a reminder in my phone to write about it in my "Yay Me!" journal. 

When I hit a PR on my hang clean this week, it went in my YMJ.

When I got a random text from a former athlete telling me that I was a huge motivator to her in her health and fitness journey, it went in my YMJ. 

Yep, the YMJ is a complete brag book about yourself. Go ahead, be obnoxious. 

Write down that you looked killer in your brand new jeans. Write down that you saved $2.59 at HellMart by using the Savings Catcher. Write down that you DIDN'T eat the free donuts at the office. Write down that you danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly stone cold sober and rocked it. 

Why am I encouraging you to do this? Because we all have days, weeks or even months when the motto of our life is "I SUCK." We feel like crap. Nothing is going right. We are crying all the damn time. Stupid hormones. Bad thoughts. "I'm fat" "I can't do anything right" "I always do dumb stuff" "That workout was horrible"

If you are filling up your YMJ, you can look at it in those gloomy times and realize that you don't really suck. You are actually quite awesome. 

Think of the YMJ as a vitamin that will give you super powers when you are sick. 

Now, here's the science. Dr. John Gottman did a study that revealed it takes about 5 positive comments to balance out one negative comment. 5 to 1 y'all! That means you better be writing a boatload of positives down every chance you can to help overcome those negative thoughts and events that will creep in.

Get a notebook, start now. Here's your first "YMJ" entry.....

 "I read a great blog post today that is going to help me be a much saner person!"

Challenge yourself to write SOMETHING every day. It may be awkward at first to brag about yourself, but get over it. It's for you. No one is going to read it and if they do, hit them on the head with it. 

So go now. Shoo. Get out of here. Go write about how awesome you are! Hey wait, leave me a comment and tell me what you put as your second YMJ entry (Because I already gave you your first!)

FYI, I think this may be my next journal !

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  1. I was asked but the young woman that works the front desk at the rec center what motivates me to workout. I told her that it made me happy, and yay for me for making myself happy!

  2. That's awesome April! Do you think she asks everybody or just you because you are so dedicated to your workouts?