Monday, June 1, 2015

My Tupperware Lady Unboxing!

A few weeks ago I decided to become a Tupperware Lady!

Yes, I know that term is outdated and not PC, but I like it and I'm a lady so I'm using it!

I love to decant things into pretty, organized containers and I'm constantly hauling food around so I thought Tupperware would be a perfect fit. 

My box of supplies came in last Tuesday, but I wanted to do an unboxing video and I wanted my daughter to take part so I waited until last night.

And this folks, is why you should buy your Tupperware from me!

Alternate Title: "Fittest Tupperware Lady" 

Disclaimer: all bad jokes and silliness are all my own. Tupperware, in no shape or form, advocates any of my antics. I, nor Tupperware, advocate using the large spice containers to slowly poison someone. I do not know if the "Butter of the Month" club exists, but it probably shouldn't. 

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