Friday, April 17, 2015

A random day in my life

5:30 AM Alarm goes off (Simple Man- Shinedown plays gently)

5:35 AM Coffee

5:40 AM Shower and ready up for day

6:45 AM Out the door with a Kill Cliff bar, vitamins and a bottle of water

6:45-7:15 Drive to the box while listening to a podcast (LOVE TO LEARN!)

7:15-8:45 Coach

8:45- 10:00 Answer emails, phone calls, messages, plan rest of day

10:00- 11:00 STUDY for nutrition certification!! Today it's Glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, glycolysis and a     whole bunch of other big words! And a test! (And FYI, that 39/40 bugs the crap out of me! I misread the flipping question!)

11:00-11:30 Lunch and peruse my favorite blogs.

11:42- 12:25    (Ooops! I let perusing my favorite blogs get a little out of schedule!) Bookkeeping work. Yay..You can see why I let reading blogs go long.....

12:25- 12:45  Putting the final touches on the activity for tomorrow's Murray Maneuvers event!

12:45-1:15     Working on a few details for tomorrow's weightlifting meet!

1:15- 3:00 LIFTING!! Great snatch day! Barely cried at all!

3:00-3:30 PWO treat and last minute email check!

3:30-6:45 Coaching our awesome athletes. Food break at 5, veggie burger and guacamole! Yum!

6:45-7:30 Calling one of my nutrition coaching athletes to discuss her goals and nutrition plan.

7:00- 8:00 Running around town gathering last minute supplies for tomorrow's events

8:00- 9:00 Back at box setting up for tomorrow

9:00- 9:30 driving back home inhaling Taco Bell (IIFYM FTW!)

9:30-10:30 Biscotti, decaf & prep for tomorrow!

10:30 BED!! Night night Eleiko!

Stay Strong Y'all!

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