Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This Is Why We Have A Health Crisis In America! (Well, One Reason)





This is not a breakfast sandwich!

It's a cookie.

A cookie.

I know you, dear reader, can see that this is a sneaky, smarmy marketing trick and realize this is not a breakfast sandwich. But how many people in this country are being tricked by the words and labels used on this box?

"4 hours of NUTRITIOUS steady energy"

"15 g whole grain"

First off, let's look at that ingredient list. The  number one ingredient is whole grain wheat flour. That's not a terrible thing in and of itself, but many people have gluten and wheat sensitivities. My beef with this first ingredient is if the basis of your breakfast is FLOUR, your not getting the most out of your breakfast!

Second ingredient: SUGAR! (hint, there's your energy)

Third ingredient: Enriched flour. Life lesson, it's called enriched flour because they strip all the good stuff out of it in processing and have to put stuff back in. I liken it to them dumping some multi-vitamins into the flour drum. See all those things in parenthesis? That's the vitamins they are adding back in! Here's a thought. Why two flours?? Why not just use the better one for all the baking??? OR maybe we should eat things that have Niacin (a Vitamin B), iron (found in meats and beans), Mononitrate and riboflavin (more Bs) naturally?

Fourth ingredient: Whole grain blend. If it's the fourth ingredient, there can't be that much. And now we are up to 3 flours. So basically, flour, flour, sugar, flour.

Fifth ingredient: Palm oil. Ah ha! There it is ! The refined carb, processed food trifecta. Flour, sugar, oil.

You can make basically anything with those three ingredients. And those ingredients have basically zero health benefits. Seriously, pick up any prepackaged food in a box and look. It is probably 90% those three things, right?

I read somewhere that if the name of an object has the word "luxury" in it's title, it's really not luxury at all and is just trying really hard to be fancy. Same goes for "classy". People and places that are truly classy would never use that word to describe themselves.

I feel the same way about foods. If the package has to scream at you that it's healthy, it's most likely not.

While I'm on a soapbox, here's a few other things that aren't breakfast foods.

Chocolate breakfast muffins.


Granola Bars

Most cereals

Aim for a breakfast that has complex carbs, proteins and fats to truly keep you full and give you energy.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "If it's so terrible, why does she have it?" Good questions guys! Every Friday Kroger has a Friday Freebie that you can load to your Kroger card. I ALWAYS get the Friday Freebie because I like free stuff. And even if the offering is junk, there is a place for junk in any healthy diet within reason.

This is mainly refined carbs so I might eat it pre or post workout to bump up my carbs a bit. Or if I have some carbs left over at the end of the day I might eat it as a dessert treat. It will definitely NOT replace my morning meal which really does give me 4 hours of nutritious steady energy.

**Disclaimer- this post was written and set to publish prior to me being in a Paleo Challenge. Lol, this is DEFINITELY a no go for me right now.**

Stay Strong Y'all!

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