Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Quickie On Multi-Vitamins

Someone asked a question on a group I am in about what brand multi-vitamins we used. A few people said they are a waste of money so I wanted to give my two cents. Here's my brief reply.

There are two schools of thought currently on vitamins. One is that unless your diet is sheer crap, you don't need a multi as the number of calories that we eat generally covers the basics. This line of thought also says that since we don't know how effective vitamins are individually (i.e outside of a whole food source) that it's waste of money. The second school of thought is that even if you have a great diet, you are probably lacking in or two areas just because we all tend to get in food ruts. Even healthy ruts! This school of thought goes on to say that vitamins are cheap insurance to cover any low areas so why not? I subscribe to the second school, but since I'm pretty frugal, I don't spend a lot on multis. I get the adult gummies by Vitafusion. I figure at $8-9 a bottle, even if I pee out 99% it's still a good deal!

Stay Strong Y'all!

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