Thursday, November 13, 2014

Random Anti-Clutter Stocking Stuffers List! Part I

A lot of my favorite bloggers are posting stocking stuffer lists and I think that's awesome!

I love stocking stuffers and struggle with the fact that I tend to enjoy giving (and getting) one hundred little presents instead of one big present. This leads to random junk, impulse buys and clutter! Seriously, set me loose in the Target Dollar Spot and it's on!

However, when Sunday rolls around and it's time to throw out or donate 7 things (post coming soon on that), that dollar junk is usually the first to go. So how can I satisfy my need for QUANTITY without buying junk and adding to the clutter?

Here are my ideas for fun, random, useful gifts, without feeling like it's just more stuff! Remember though that I'm weird. Your giftee might look at you oddly if you give them crockpot liners.

Of course, I'm using Amazon Affiliate links, but you can find most of this stuff anywhere!

Gummy Vitamins - Every adult wants them, but most won't buy them for themselves. These are the ones I like.

Dish Towels- these are beyond adorable! Nobody realizes how ratty theirs are until they get new ones. The trick here is to THROW OUT the old ones.

Storage containers- Maybe it's just me, but I would love a huge box filled with 99¢ white plastic shoeboxes you can get at Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree

Scentsy laundry smell good things- If you have never tried these, you are missing out.

Scentsy Car smell good things- These are fun, and disposable!

White Strips - Be careful here. I would LOVE to get these because they are kind of frivolous and I love frivolous gifts. However, your giftee might think you are insinuating they have gross teeth.
Proceed with caution.

CrockPot Liners - I LOVE these things, but never buy them because it seems silly to spend money on them when I can just, gasp, wash the crockpot. But, if these showed up in my stocking? Ridiculously happy!

iTunes gift cards - Obvisously, make sure the recipient has an iProduct of some sort, but having a little iTunes gift card makes you feel less guilty over buying really stupid $1.99 apps.

Ponytail holders- You can never have enough QUALITY ponytail holders. Ever. They get lost and self-declutter.

 There you go, Part I of Doodleturtle's Random Anti-Clutter Stocking Stuffers List!

**Some of the above links are Amazon affiliate links. If you choose to shop through that link, you get the exact same wonderful prices as you would if you went to Amazon yourself, I  just get a little thank you bonus from Amazon for directing you there. Some links are to my Mama's Scentsy page. She gives my free Scentsy because she's awesome, I'm just trying to return the love.

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