Sunday, November 2, 2014

So much exciting stuff

I haven't written in a while. Not because nothing has happened, but because so much has happened! The big CrossFit competition I've been training for happened last weekend and it was awesome! The picture above is of me helping my team on our best finishing event of the weekend with a few bar muscle ups. (Photo credits to MetCon Photos, LLC) The event was three days long and 6 hours from home. When we got home last Sunday I was done, physically and mentally.

Then yesterday we had another competition, albeit more local and less intense, but a competition nonetheless. J and I partnered up and finished second! All of this has left me with a case of the fatigues. Two weekends of anxiety and adrenaline constantly pumping and dumping has about wiped me out!

All that said though, I feel pretty good tonight. I treated myself yesterday and had pizza and ice cream, but today I'm back on the (correct) macros. I track every day, no matter what, but on days like yesterday MyFitnessPal likes to tell me that if "every day was like today, you would weigh 167 pounds in five weeks". Haha, I'd be a beastly 167 though!

I think that is where people mess up when they are tracking macros and doing the whole flexible dieting thing. On days they "cheat" they do not track, therefore they do not really see the damage they did. Don't get me wrong, I tore that pizza up and did not care one iota about the fat and carbs. I felt absolutely zero guilt. But when I put the numbers in, I saw that it would take about a week of 100% on point eating to offset the binge. I'm okay with that.

But if I hadn't entered those numbers, would my brain have really registered the extremity of eating 2/3 of a large Domino's pizza? And 4 scoops of Moose Tracks Ice Cream? Nope.

The morale to this story. Eat what you want to. Track the numbers. No guilt. Accept the consequences. Stay the course.

PS you cannot track your diet without a food scale. This is pretty similar to mine.

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