Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random Thoughts At 5 AM. Who Is Greyber Rubio?

Current Situation:
Eleiko is having no problem sleeping.

I didn't put up a tree last year at all. This year I at least put up a baby one.

So what do you do when you wake up wide awake at 5 AM....and you went to bed at midnight?

Hmmm....I had such a fun, great night last night that I had trouble winding down and then woke up at the end of a weirdo dream wide awake just a few minutes ago. (Today will be fun).

I decided to just write a random blog because there is so much stuff in my brain that I need to get out. This will not be the most grammatacilly correct or most fluid post ever, just roll with me.

After Dallas I decided to not compete anymore in 2015. My body was pretty tired of maintaining comp weight and constantly being pushed hard. I'm no spring chicken and it was getting harder and harder to recover from each event. But then an email inviting CFM to compete in Reps for a Reason found it's way into my inbox last week.

And I love me some powerlifting....

So I entered last Saturday. I weighed in that day at 123.2 and completed

90 squats at 75% body weight
22 bench presses at 65% body weight
40 deadlifts at 85% bodyweight

And then I couldn't walk right for the next 84 hours. Seriously. I've NEVER been that sore in my life.

Last night we hosted our annual Pound For Pound Lifting Challenge and I decided to lift (I'm not real good with the "I'm not competing" thing am I?). It was so fun because I had zero expectations and I didn't cut weight. I just showed up and lifted with friends. I weighed in at 122.8 and snatched 125 and clean and jerked 165. No PRs, but I did attempt to PR both and got really close.

Another reason last night was fun is that I live broadcasted the event on Periscope. Y'all, I'm addicted to that thing! If you aren't on Periscope, it's like YouTube, but LIVE! I get to pretend like I am a reporter or a talk show host. SO FUN! I need to figure out how to get paid to do that.... Wanna hire me to live broadcast your event? :) If you get a chance, hop over to Periscope and follow me. I'm crossfitang over there.

The other awesome thing last night was watching our pre-teens and teens lift. They did sooooo good!! The girls all hit PRs and they were mostly really pretty lifts. I think the boys all hit PRs as well, but their lifts started looking like demolition derbies at the end! Lol, there were barbells and bodies flying everywhere.

I love working with our teenagers! That is were my teacher heart lies. I love watching them get frustrated and then growing. I love the smile on their faces when they do well. CrossFit and weightlifting is just so dang good for kids. It teaches them patience, dedication, humility and perseverance.

Everybody last night was awesome. From the athletes to the parents to the judges to the spectators, it was great!

When I got home, Jeremy and I stayed up watching the videos from the night until almost midnight. I had a little trouble falling asleep because I just kept going over every lift I attempted. #weightlifterproblems

Once I finally fell asleep, I dreamt I was visiting my old school. I was coming in to do a guest lecture and I had brought a few friends. Somewhere in this, a friend (I think it was Audrey), told the custodian he was doing a crappy job. He proceeded to tell us to do it ourselves then and stomped away.

As we were cleaning the cafeteria of styrofoam peanuts (why?!), the cafeteria became overcome by a weird presence. Yep, the cafeteria was haunted and the ghost was harassing us. He was dumping our mop buckets and making big messes after we had just cleaned up.

Weirdly enough, we discovered it was the ghost of the janitor! (I have no idea when he died, but oh well!) We started communicating with him via an Etch-A-Sketch and he told us he was tired of being treated like poop. He said everyone took him for granted and no one ever spoke to him. In fact, he said, no one even knew his name. So we asked what his name was.

Greyber Rubio

And then I woke up. At 5 AM.

And couldn't go back to sleep.

So I got up and fixed a cup of coffee and grabbed a slice of cold pepperoni pizza. Breakfast of champions, right? (My macros will be a little flexible today).

I watched a few Periscopes (Told ya I was addicted) and then decided to write this. My alarm will be going off at 7 AM, but I plan on just sitting here in this chair until then.

What do you do when you are wide awake at an ungodly hour?

Do you 'scope?


Stay Strong Y'all!

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