Sunday, February 7, 2016

Can An (Almost) Master's Athlete Survive A CrossFit Comp?

As I'm typing this, I am wondering...

1) If my fingers are strong enough to support my body weight and pull myself to bed.

2) If I do make it to bed, will I be able to sleep through the raging DOMS? Oh wait, it isn't DOMS because it started yesterday as I was hobbling off the comp floor. There was no "Delayed Onset". 

3) If I will be able to train at all tomorrow? Or Tuesday? OR EVER?? Melodramatic. I know.

Why am I sitting here pondering just laying on the couch for the foreseeable future? Because I am an 'almost' Master's athlete that ran with the young 'ens in a CrossFit Competition yesterday. And my body is HATING ME today. 

My quads are calling me names that would make a deaf rapper blush.

My calves are waging a full internal attack on me by using (what feels like) a dull butter knife to release themselves from me.

My inner thighs would feel better if they had done 1000 reps with a Thigh Master made of titanium.

My traps are permanently attached to my ears. I'm thinking of getting some body jewelry to dress them up and make the fusion look prettier. 

My body is basically just screaming,


Don't get me wrong, it was AMAZINGLY fun! Our team got fourth and we killed some WODS. 

I personally did 70+ thrusters in an event and matched my clean PR of 175 pounds. We got to compete in the really fun final WOD that had us doing human wheelbarrows! I mean really, how cool is that?

My teammates were AMAZING as usual and really pulled out all the stops to get our team into the top 5. Those two girls hustled hard all day and gave everything they had. They picked up the slack when my double unders disappeared and did a million sit ups, push ups and dumbbell snatches! And one had been suffering from the stomach flu just 48 hours prior to the competition and still kicked butt!

I'm pretty sure they don't feel wrecked today.

I do. 

Why? Because I'm almost 38. 

I'm too young to compete in CrossFit Masters, but on the days after comps, I feel way too old to be running with 20 year olds!

Come on CrossFit HQ, let's pull the Masters division down to 35!

Until that happens, I'll keep acting like I'm a decade and a half younger I guess!

Stay Strong Y'all!

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  1. Not much longer, Angie, until you can run with us old folks!