Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Pie Donut Eater

A few of you had a pretty rough week last week with the snow and with sickness. Some of you ate off plan and then felt really guilty about it. It got me to thinking about "cheating" and how we should address it. My line of thinking is that 'accidental" cheating' leads to binging and guilt. 'Intentional cheating' allows you to actually enjoy what you are eating. One sucks, one is smart!

What is the difference?

Intentional cheating is when it is your kiddo's birthday and you plan to have a piece of cake and a slice of pizza. You think it through, decide to be off on your macros for the day and have a great time at the birthday party. 

Intentional cheating is going out with your girlfriends and having a couple of drinks and enjoying a fun filled night. You didn't meet your macros, but you are 100% the rest of the time so you don't feel bad. 

Accidental cheating is when you subconsciously decide that this diet sucks and you eat a cupcake really quickly and feel bad the moment it is swallowed. Then, because you have already blown your macros, you get a case of the eff-its and eat everything in sight. And then you feel guilty. You don't really enjoy it while you are doing it and you certainly don't enjoy it the day after.  That's no fun.

Many of you are on very strict programs right now where you are cutting for a specific event. You really don't get any cheats because you can easily erase any progress made. Many of you are in a maintenance phase where you have a little more leeway. In both cases, be mindful of your cheats. If you are going to do it, think it through. 

It's like getting a designated driver. Have a plan

CHOOSING to cheat versus crashing and burning. Big, big difference.

Stay Strong Y'all!

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