Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'm Starting A New Monthly Subscription Service!

So you've probably heard of BirchBox or WODbox or MessyBox or one of the hundreds of other monthly subscription services. You have right? I love BirchBox and have referred many of you to it because it's a fun way to try new health and beauty products. And it's like Christmas every month! Check it out, if you haven't already, at this link.

Well, this morning I stumbled across a website that helps you start your own monthly subscription service! Yes! How fun would that be? Every month I could pick out some fun goodies to mail to really cool people?!?! What theme would I choose? Healthy eating? Flexible Dieting? Organizing? Fitness? Turtles? And then I got it. Who's ready to subscribe to get a monthly...


Yes! Every month, for the cute little amount of $9.99, you can get my artfully curated Random Box Of Shit!

February's box: A peanut butter sample, a hair tie, some thumb tacks, a jump rope and a ninja throwing start!

March's box: A Keurig Cup, an antibiotic ointment, pretty file folders, a Godiva chocolate and a bull whip!

April's box: A bean sprouting kit, a 1/2 pound peanut butter cup, crazy socks, a packet of cute labels and a Dos Equis!

I'm so jazzed about this! Something for everyone! Who's with me? Subscribe today!

LOL, so maybe the world isn't ready for this fabulous idea, but if you are............

Stay Strong Y'all!

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  1. Ok, I'm game for the month of April! Is the beer chilled? I'd pay extra shipping for dry ice ������