Friday, May 22, 2015

Eating out with Flexible Dieting

My supper last night at Tap 216! To make my dinner out macro friendly, I managed my carb and fat intake throughout the day to have a bunch left for supper. I ordered this delicious sandwich, Grilled chicken with no mayo. I asked for hummus on the side and used a little of that for extra flavor. Hummus can be high fat, but I don't like mayo so I'd swap it out anyway. Then I removed the top bun and ate the sandwich open faced. I asked for no waffle fries, but since they sent them, I ate a couple. A side salad and a Redd's Apple Ale washed it down! You CAN still go out to eat and do flexible dieting! 

Stay strong y'all!

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Fitful Focus

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  1. Awesome! I love that you're showing that you can fit in treats while dieting. One thing I liked about IIFYM is that I could save up for a little treat if I wanted. Have a great weekend!

    1. That's what I love about IIFYM as well. I tend to go a little overboard on junk if left unattended, lol, but IIFYM keeps me reined in.