Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm an idiot. (Subtitle: Do NOT leave your gummy vitamins in your hot car)

We made a trip to Sam's Club yesterday and something got left in the car accidently. 

Public opinion poll:

Would you let it solidify again and then just scoop out chunks?

Do you think it will solidify? 

If it doesn't, should I drink it? 

Grrrrr! This pisses me off sooooo much! 

I stuck it in the fridge when I got home with the bright idea of using my melon baller to scoop it out into small portions. Then I was going to weigh 2 gummies from the jar I have that isn't melted to figure out what size the new chunks need to be.

This is my melon baller now.

Yep, it's so gummy it broke my baller. 

Stay strong y'all!


  1. If the container is bpa free I'd just spoon it out .... those things aren't cheap ... :/

    1. Lol, my only fear is an overdose! Haha! I think I've got a melon baller around here that should make for pretty accurate dosing.