Saturday, September 12, 2015

7 Minutes Of Free Writing...


One of the blogs I follow puts up daily writing prompts for each day of the current month. I found one particularly intriguing this month and it was...

Free write for 7 minutes - and publish without editing.

Since this is a blog about my Random Thoughts, this should be fun.

3-2-1 Go!

Really stoked about talking to the MSU Softball team about nutrition today. They had lots of great questions and I had a blast!

Really perplexed by the lady that came into the gym this week to sign up and had NO EMAIL ADDRESS. How do you live in America in 2015 and not have an email? I understand having an email and never checking it, but not having an email? Really how? When I asked her if she could get one (since our software system needs it), her response, with a perplexed face was, "I don't have a reason to ever need one.". Again, HOW? Even my 80+ year old grandmother has an email! And she looked around my age. SMH...

This morning at the gas station on the way in the clerk was really chatty. I wasn't really awake, but I tried to play along. She had calculus homework sitting to the side. I commented on how it had been awhile since I studied calc. She smiled and said, "Oh, how long?"  She smiled weirdly. I realized -when I got in the car that I looked like a meth head. Ratty ripped gym shirt, wet hair piled on my head, not yet caffeinated face...yeah... I looked like I took calc. haha

J is watching Avatar. Good movie.

We have to paint the new gym tomorrow. I hate painting. yay.

I'm pretty sad Under The Dome ended last Thursday. I loved that book and enjoyed the TV show. Even though it went off the deep end and got really weird, I still looked forward to it each week. I don't really watch a lot of tv, and that was one of about 2 shows I watch. Lol. Project Runway is on at least.

Dawn Fletcher emailed me this week! I love her and I am excited about an opportunity she has given me. I have to start working on it tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it soon.

WOW! Times up already!

Stay Strong Y'all!

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