Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fast Food Diet Friendly Cheat Sheet!

I'm so excited to finally have this ready! 

Are you an on the run mom who frequently hits up the drive through to feed the kids and yourself?

Are you an on the road sales person who hasn't had a come cooked meal in years?

Are you trying to eat healthier, but just don't have the time or brain power left to navigate restaurant options?

Well then my Fast Food Cheat Sheet might change your life!

I have created a PDF of the most macro friendly options at various fast food restaurants. What to order, how to order and all of the macro nutrient information is right there for you. No excuses to eat like crap just because you are eating on the fly.

This PDF is available for a limited time for only $1.99!

Get yours here!


  1. interesting I am actually one of those odd people who never goes to fast food places. Being a vegetarian there are not usually many healthy choices for me

    1. I don't go very often, but it is a fact of life for many people and I'm tired of hearing their excuses as to why they can't make healthy choices. Of course, in an ideal world we are meal prepping and planning, but it happens. :) And as a vegetarian, you are definitely in a different situation. That is an area of nutrition that I am honestly not well versed in and should learn more about. How do you manage your protein consumption? I know it can be done, just curious. Thanks for stopping by!