Thursday, September 10, 2015

IIFYM Part 3: What Are Your Macro Numbers?



This week is a deload week both mentally and physically. I don't have any goals or objectives this week, I'm just going with the flow. It's really nice! I've spent a lot of time reading other people's blogs and reading books and watching HGTV.

We made a BIG announcement at the gym Monday and that is that we are moving to a new location! The new facility is brighter and more centrally located and is going to be amazing! And it is right behind SAMMONS DONUTS! Woot woot!


I did the CFM Anniversary WOD on Monday and had a blast! Every year we tweak it slightly, but here was this year's.

We opened 9-7-11, so the last three movements are representative of that. The 4 push ups represent the four years open and the 2015 seconds, well because it's 2015. The way it worked was there was a team of 3 people. One person did all the things on the list and then the next one did all the things and then the next, etc. The goal was to get as many rounds completed as a team as possible. I only did 8 rounds of work which equated to about 9-10 minutes and I left feeling like I should have done more.

But then the soreness hit. Holy Trap Queen! Who knew your shoulders could become permanently attached to your earlobes? Since Tuesday I've been living in a constant state of shrug. I even had to scale weight on my back squats yesterday because the barbell hurt to lay on my upper back. #wimp

Mercifully though this is a deload week so nothing else has been quite as sore. Welcome back to CrossFit Angie!


If you missed If It Fits Your Macros Part 1 and Part 2, please go back and read. Prior to this post we have talked about what macros are and what calories are and how many calories you need. Today we are going to go into what macro breakdown might work for you.

There are a lot of different ways of deciding what breakdown to use, and trial and error are always needed, but a good starting point is to use your body type to determine what percent of each macro you need.

Photo Credit: Precision Nutrition

There are three body types, Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Now, must of us aren't exactly one type, we are combinations, but you can probably figure out which one you lean toward the most.

Are you a long, lean runner type? Naturally thin, with long limbs? Yes, maybe you've put on some weight because of your current lifestyle, but what were you when you were younger? If this sounds like you, you are probably an Ectomorph.

Guess what? Ectomorphs get ALL THE CARBS! Haha, well not all the carbs, but Ectomorphs do tend to  have a high carb tolerance so the recommended split for an Ecto is 55% carb, 25% protein and 20% fat. (One note here. As a female, be careful with a low fat intake as it can cause some hormonal issues. If your calorie count is really low, it might help to run your macro numbers by a nutritionist or diet coach to ensure you are getting enough fat.)

Are you naturally muscular with a medium build? Think wrestlers and gymnasts. If that is you, you may be a Mesomorph. These body types tend to be testosterone dominant and build lean mass easily while holding lower body fat. A good split for a Meso is 40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat.

Interesting fact, most really good CrossFitters are Mesos and that is why the Zone Diet works so well for them!

The last body type is the Endomorph. The characteristics of this group are large bone mass and large overall body and fat mass. Think of football linemen. These body types don't tend to burn carbs as well as the other two, so they tend to benefit from a higher fat diet. 25% carb, 35% protein and 40% might work well for them.

If you are an Endo, partition your carbs tightly around your workouts to get the most benefit!

Remember, no one is exactly one type so these might not work exactly for you, but they are a starting point. For more on this topic, take a look at Precision Nutrition's article, "Body Type Eating". And if you are ready to make a big change, consider hiring me as your nutrition coach! I would love to help you!

 In the next installment of IIFYM, we look at monitoring your progress and making adjustments. Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so that you know when I post AND get extra information I don't put in the blog.

Best Thing I've Come Across Lately

I am not a creative person. I have no artistic skills and am thankful I have people in my life that do. But when I came across this post, I got excited! I LOVE to color! And like you probably, I haven't done it in ages. This post links to some great printables that are free and a few coloring books you can purchase. (Hint hint family, I'd love a couple coloring books for Christmas!)

Stay Strong Y'all! 

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Now that I've gotten you interested in macros, take a look at my Fast Food Macro Cheat Sheet! Great for when you have to drive through, but want to make a smart decision!

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Now that I've gotten you interested in macros, take a look at my Fast Food Macro Cheat Sheet! Great for when you have to drive through, but want to make a smart decision!


  1. I am not sure really which one of those I am. Always found that all very interesting though. Having a less scheduled week from time to time is always a good thing. Have a great weekend

    1. I use myself as a guinea pig and change mine around every few months and monitor how I feel and what my weight does. But a good starting point for most people is the 40/30/30 split and then adjust from there. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Congrats on the new gym location! Exciting!
    That macro info is very interesting! I never thought about how my body type plays into it.
    Also - coloring! I'm so excited!! Totally going to take over the printer at work to print out some stuff haha

    1. I've got to get to the store for some new colored pencils, lol! And I'm kind of a geek lately about nutrition and performance. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've always been curious about IIFYM but haven't taken the time to learn more. It always seems like so much work. Have a great weekend Angie and thanks for sharing with the fitfam at Fitness Friday!

  4. I really like that workout, I'd love to give it a try....if only I could do double unders! :P