Friday, March 31, 2017

Thanks For Buying The Chocolate Covered Almonds Chuck!

A blog I follow puts out a 'prompt of the day' calendar each month to help fellow bloggers who are looking for fresh ideas. One prompt this month was

"Share your most outrageous (or inspirational) road trip story."

Immediately, I thought,

Thanks For Buying The Chocolate Covered Almonds Chuck!

If you know me pretty well, you know that things happen to me and my family (specifically my mother, sister and daughter), that just do not happen to anyone else. And these events are usually either baffling, hilarious or deadly things. Often times a combination of two or  all three of those.

Here is a little story about one of those times.

Back in 2012, we took a family trip to Hawaii. It was my mom and stepdad (Chuck), me, Jeremy and Brooke. We were staying in a lovely condo on the Big Island and had been out exploring all day.

<at some point remind me to tell y'all about the really awesome people at CrossFit All Star AND why doing a workout with 150 good mornings is NOT a great wod to do on the first morning of your vacation.>

On the way back to the condo, we realized we needed some groceries so my stepfather dropped all of us off at the condo and then ran to the store down the road. As we were filing in, we noticed we had some new neighbors moving into the condo next door. We laughed a bit because it appeared they were not there for a vacation, they were there for a party!

They looked like locals and there was no luggage that we could see. Just tons of coolers and Rubbermaid boxes full of snacks being hauled in. I can't remember how many people and tubs of snacks, but enough that it looked like they had robbed a Sam's Club.

As long as they didn't get loud and interrupt my sleep, I didn't care! Party on Wayne. Party on Kai.

While Chuck was picking up some meat to grill for dinner as well as drinks and snacks, we all sprawled out all over the condo and were chilling out reading, listening to music, napping, and what have you.

Since this was Hawaii and the weather is generally great, the condo didn't have AC. It wasn't really a problem because we would just open the front door and the patio door. Doing so created a great breeze through the condo that kept everything nice and cool.

Real quick, let me give you a visual of the layout of the condo, as best I can.

When you walked in the door there was a small bedroom to your right, then a small bathroom. On the left were a set of stairs. Once you went past these rooms and stairs you entered into the kitchen and living area. From the couch, you could see the front door and all the first floor.

The couch was were I was perched when I saw something out of the corner of my eye go whooshing by and out the front door!


Then I started laughing hysterically because I realized that one of our new neighbors had accidentally went into our bathroom instead of theirs! I mean, our door was propped open and he/she must have had to go really bad and went into the wrong condo. How long was the Bathroom Guest in there?? How long did BG sit on the toilet before realizing,

"OH MY I'm in the wrong condo!"

But wait....

There's more.....

A little while later Chuck is back from the store and the groceries have been put away. My daughter (Brooke) runs to the restroom before we start cooking. She comes out with a gallon size plastic jar of chocolate covered almonds.  I mean, it's HUGE (say in Trump voice if it makes you happy.)

She has the gigantic jar of chocolate covered almonds open and is throwing them in her mouth by the handful. I take a few from her as she settles on the couch and she continues eating them. As Chuck wanders by....

Brooke- Thanks for buying these awesome chocolate covered almonds Chuck!

Chuck- blank look

My mom- Oh, that's a huge container!

Chuck- I didn't buy those.

Everyone- <insert blank face confused emoji>

Everyone- Wild, uncontrollable laughter as we realize where the almonds came from. Discussion abounds about multiple topics such as the gross factor of eating someone else's almonds. The gross factor of eating almonds out of the bathroom. The question of  was the Bathroom Guest eating almonds while using the restroom and plotting his/her escape? The morality of whether to keep or return the almonds as it was probably a really expensive canister of almonds. The question of how pissed were BG's friends when they realize the almonds are missing.

The decision was made to return the almonds so Mom and I go knock on the BG's condo door.

The door slowly opens about halfway and 3-4 faces peer out at us.

Me- Um, I think someone in your group forgot these.

A hand quickly grabs the almonds and the door slams.

We laugh and laugh back over to our condo with mock incredulity that they didn't even say, "Thanks".

That night, BG and crew did party on. They were not too loud, but it was clear they were having a good time. The next day, they were all gone and no trace of them remained.

Seriously, does this crap happen to anyone else or is it just me?

Stay Strong Y'all!

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  1. I can attest that all the above is true and factual. If anyone wants a few hours of free entertainment, let the 4 of us sit down and tell you about the things that have happened to us! Glenda