Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Problem Of Getting A Bad Ass New Shirt...

A few Friday's ago, LiveSore Nashville came to the box for 17.2 and I went home with this sweet "Traps & Tats" tank.

I frickin' love it. I feel so boss and bad ass when I rock it.

However, I also feel like a fraud. A hypocrite.

You see, the shirt says, "Tats".

As in plural.

As in more than one.

I only have one tat.

Can I wear this shirt honestly?

Should I get another tat?

I want another tat.

But I'm trying to save money.

And I want a big tat.

Hand drawn by my daughter.

Seriously, it's already drawn up.

Or maybe just a little tat.

A small, minimal something that is actually really deep and metaphorical.

Do tattoos go on sale?

Do you want a tat that was on sale?

Can J do it? He's artsy.

Do they sell tattoo guns on Amazon?

Oh wow, they do.

Hmmmm....what all else would we need?

Is it cheaper just to get the tat at my shop?

Wait, can I say, "my shop" since I only have one tattoo?

Hang on. Since my current tat is actually a cover I indeed have 'tats', plural?

The circle of life.

Oh man, two gym buds just brought up the 'let's get tats' discussion.


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