Friday, October 17, 2014

A Day In The Tummy Of Doodleturtle

A lot of our athletes ask me what I personally eat so I recently tracked my food via pictures for a day. Here ya go, a day in the tummy of Doodleturtle.

I started off this day coaching morning classes so I grabbed coffee on the way out the door. Black, yum! When I got back home, I fixed oatmeal with peanut butter and raisins and took my vitamins. Oh, and more coffee!

Before heading back out I ate a huge plate of chicken, veggies and rice and after coaching the CrossFit Kids class, I needed a little Snickers! After my workout I crammed in a tuna and sweet potato mash! Delicious!

Later that night at home, I had chicken fajita and more sweet potato with protein powder pudding (with PB and bananas) for dessert!

I don't like cooking and these meals are pretty simple. A few hours of baking and crockpotting (is that a word?) and my food prep is basically done for the week.

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