Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No, Kroger, I'm not highly satisfied! And it's ok!

I think Kroger has some confidence issues. I mean, they are kind of needy and whiny.

On my recent shopping trip this week, I was offered 50 fuel points in return for completing a survey of my shopping experience. Ok, sounds good to me.

The survey started by asking what departments you shopped and then proceeded to ask my satisfaction level with each department. The options were highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied.

Apparently, if you are merely, "satisfied", that gives Kroger a complex and you get inundated with questions about WHY you were not highly satisfied.

Well, let's see. It's a grocery shopping trip, not sex, so is it possible to be "highly satisfied?" No one grabbed my list at the door and then directed me to a massage table while they gathered my goods. I didn't see any Segways for me to race around the store on. I was not offered an adult beverage and given 50% off my total.

And worse, sweet potatoes were $1.29 per pound! $1.29! Of course I'm not highly satisfied!

Did I get what I came in for? Yes, pretty much, satisfied. Did I get EVERYTHING on my list? No, actually Kroger I couldn't find the cacao nibs, but it's ok. I'm satisfied.

Due to your responses, may we have your contact information so we can follow up with you? Um, ok, but I was SATISFIED.

I can't imagine what happens if you click highly dissatisfied.

PS I found the Cacao nibs.....at Amazon.

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