Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mobility and face smacks

I was going to write about how to make this super difficult, super expensive massage tool, but then, something exciting happened and I changed my mind. <nearly all of the above was sarcasm>

First, to make the massage tool. Take a long sock, put two lacrosse balls in it, tie. Done. Use it to loosen up all those tight spots like lats and hip flexors.

Every other month we take new athletes into our beginner program and teach them the ways of the CrossFitter. Last night was wall ball night. I loathe wall balls. I'm short and I'm legally blind in one eye so depth perception is a small problem. However, I'm getting better at them and don't generally cry anymore if I have to do them.

The Scene: a bunch of newbie CF'ers who are awed and inspired by me, their CF coach. In the two weeks they've been with us, I've shown them how to squat, how to press, how to do pull ups, how to deadlift and double under. And I made each look easy. And now they wait with baited breathe to see these mystical, magical wall balls.

I approach the ball and square up to the target. I lift the ball, perform a beautiful squat and throw. The 14# ball hits the 10 foot Rogue target with a solid thump and begins its descent. My arms go up to receive the ball. I take a breathe to solidify my core. I close my hands around the ball right as it..


Now, if you CrossFit, you knew this was coming, right?

Now, I'm no longer super awesome Coach in their eyes. I'm that doofus that smacked her face.

Oh, if you want to make the super awesome mobility tool, you can purchase Lacrosse Ballat

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