Saturday, October 11, 2014

I hate warming up..

I hate mobility work. I hate warming up. I have to make myself do it because, somewhere deep inside, I know it's good for me and it makes me perform better. I was already having trouble getting focused to lift today and wanted to be finished ASAP because we were heading out of town once I finished. Don't get me wrong, I love to lift (lifting's my favorite!- Will Ferrell voice), I just wanted to START NOW and GET DONE! Considering my rep scheme today had me hitting 90% of my squat for a double in 6 minutes, not warming up was out of the question.

So I made a deal with myself, I could listen to a podcast I had been looking forward to while I warmed up. I rode the bike, did some PVC work, hit the Rumble roller and did some light weight squats. 15 minutes later, I was good to go! Maybe this idea would help someone else in my shoes, who, ahem, isn't a spring chicken, and hates to warm up.

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