Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Random Assortment Of Thoughts

This is going to be a free flowing post about things floating through my head, bullet style.

*Squats- Yesterday got crazy (see below) and I had to make a decision to either do my heavy squats at home at 10 PM or wait and do them today. I was just not feeling it last night so I did them today. They were not fun, nor the prettiest. I don't generally use my belt anymore for squatting, but today I did because the core was just not holding up. I didn't want to sacrifice the leg work by dropping weight so I belted. 

*Blessings Disguised As Stress- Yesterday was hectic in a very good way and while the hectic-ness drove my overly planned and scheduled self nuts, I couldn't help but smile because it was an awesome kind of hectic. Yes, my workout schedule got messed up, but it was all because of very good things!

*Double Unders- Here's an amazing fact you might not know. If you make people attempt double unders, they figure out how to do double unders. 

*Tired Of Not Being100%- I've been a bit under the weather the last week and the meds are helping, but slowly. The meds are also making me slightly nauseous and I'm getting dizzy easily which makes working out super fun.  Box jump overs?  Let's go up and down and spin around! Blech. GHD sit ups. Ain't happening. 

*I Ran A Mile Today!!! I know that's not a big deal for many, but I rarely am able to actually run a whole mile. I didn't walk at all today, woop woop!

*I Don't Understand Hunger Strikes- Seriously. How does someone choosing not to eat affect anyone else? If I choose to not eat to protest something, who am I hurting except myself? On the flip side, if you choose to not eat to protest something I'm doing, why should I care? 

Stay Strong Y'all!

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