Saturday, November 7, 2015

Campfire workout!

Last night after work, J and I pulled the camper down to Turkey Bay and I was very excited for a weekend of decompression. 
The first thing I did was unpack my backpack and plan all the fun things I would read and write. I 'may' have a notebook problem. 

I stayed up until midnight reading and taking notes! #nerd

Yes, I woke up like this. 

And I woke up to this! 

Thank goodness J cooks while we camp. He earns mega points for boiling water so that I could have coffee! I don't care that it was instant, it was coffee!

After breakfast it was time to get my workout on. I brought a dumbbell with me, but could have easily just used a water jug. No excuses to miss a workout folks! 

Warm up: a ten minute trail run

WOD: Turkey Bay 250

For time:

50 Goblet Squats
50 Sit Ups
50 Dumbell Snatches
50 Push Ups
50 One Armed Overhead Squats

Every two minutes run to the creek bed and back. 

This was fun and being on the leafy, non level ground made it even more challenging! The 30# dumbell was great, but a sloshy gallon of water might have been more challenging, especially on the one arm overhead squats. 

Accessory work: bent over rows, one leg Romanian deadlifts, and one arm over head carries. 

And now we lunch!

Stay Strong Y'all!

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  1. Nice workout! I love camping, but I've never done it in the fall - I bet it's awesome! I'd have to start out with a 5 pound dumbbell for that workout, lol!

  2. Way to stay dedicated!! Love the impromptu workout... and the coffee!

    1. We had went a few weeks before and I had no coffee and thought I was going to die! Definitely more prepared this time!