Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Top 5 Posts Of My First 100 Posts!

When I hit publish the other day I couldn't believe it was my 100th post! Wow! And I couldn't believe that people have actually read what I wrote, commented on it and shared it! Thanks y'all!

To celebrate, I wanted to go back and find my top 5 posts, based on number of views. I've linked each post so you can go back and check them out. Here we go!

5th Most Viewed: 
I did a series on If It Fits Your Macros and Flexible Dieting, and Part 2 was the 5th most popular post I've written. Lol, why didn't y'all like the other parts?

4th Most Viewed:
I was hot and bothered when I wrote this post about being Commit-O-Phobes! We are all busy so we should really get over it!

3rd Most Viewed: 
This was one of my favorite posts to write and I'm so happy so many people got to share the experience of winning Bronze at the Worlds Masters Cup Weightlifting Championships with me!

2nd Most Viewed:
Dana is a former client who completely rocked her nutrition plan and reaped (and still is reaping) huge results from dialing in her nutrition! In this guest post, she reflected on how she felt during a recent competition as the "bug" in the proverbial "sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield" metaphor.

1st Most Viewed:
This was not a fun one to write. Here I had just completely blown a big weightlifting competition and was trying to come to grips with the failure.

Thank you all so much for following along on my crazy journey! I feel like I wear a lot of hats. Mom, Wife, CrossFitter, Weightlifter, coach, nutrition coach, Tupperware Lady, organizer and planner.... I appreciate you all listening to me ramble about the randomness of my thoughts!

Stay tuned as I have plans to add another hat to my head soon..... :) :) :)

Stay Strong Y'all!

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