Wednesday, July 29, 2015

14 days out...

BW 52.7 (This was a complete surprise, see below)

I split my training up last night and finished up around 10 PM with some heavy snatch pulls.


My daughter is living at home this summer and she is 20. She's grown and a very capable adult. And as she pointed out yesterday, I had a 3 year old when I was her age! However, if she is out and about and not home, I don't sleep well. So even though I knew where she was and that she was fine, I was waking up every 30-45 minutes checking my phone for messages from her.


Apparently my body didn't think my PWO (post workout) food choice was enough because I was also hungry every time I woke up. This all leads to her coming in at....

2 AM with me watching The Chew and eating cinnamon raisin bread and peanut butter.

I NEVER have problems sleeping so this was really, really weird for me. And yes, I measured my bread and raisins and entered them in MFP. I will go over on my macros today, but that is ok because it is a conscious decision to listen to my body and nourish it. I did expect the scale to bump up this morning just because I was eating at 2 AM, but it didn't.

I know what calories I need to maintain my weight and what I need to eat to cut weight. Today will be a maintenance/refeed day to recharge my body with extra food and extra carbs. I'll gain a couple of pounds of water probably, but it won't be permanent.

Trained in the shop today and had a good lifting day. Hit some really good percentages and a plan for MWC is developing! The legs felt tired, but just because it was Wednesday. Loved, loved, loved having Jeremy pushing me today! It's always nice when someone tells you "You can do it!"

I'm so thankful Dr. Etherton keeps me straightened out!

Best thing I came across today:
Your fascia completely regenerates itself every 7 months. Your skeleton every 18 months. This has so many implications! First on a physical level, if you are stiff, tight and hurting, start working on that NOW because you can completely remake yourself as a stronger, more flexible and pain free person in just a short time! On a deep, meta-cognitive level, you are literally and physically not the same person you were a year and a half ago! Wow! How's that for encouraging change in yourself! Decide what you want to change and do it!  (Data source: Kelly Starrett

Stay strong y'all!

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  1. A post on how you set your goals would definitely be helpful; Posts about steps (both training and nutrition) to reach specific goals (i.e. muscle gain, skills improvement, etc.) could be fun too! Also, technique/movement posts are always steps to get a muscle up and proper technique (you did one awhile back where you had a video of you doing the movement and outlined the steps that was helpful). Just some ideas! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Matt! I'll work on getting these together. Happy Friday!