Monday, July 27, 2015

15 days out

BW 53.0

Monday's are my super stacked day so I didn't get much time to record stuff today. I coach morning classes, work on my nutrition coaching clients' weekly check ins, do a lot of office work, coach noon class, lift, then coach afternoon classes. One highlight today was getting these photos!

I get so excited when I see positive changes in my clients!

Lifting today was GREAT and made up for Friday's yuck fest entirely! I hit some heavies and felt strong. Yay! Yay!
Excuse the excessive snatch celebration. It's just been awhile since a heavy snatch felt right. And I have no idea why I was carrying on after that jerk. I'm weird. I did appreciate the, "Looks solid, Dude". 

Best thing I came across today:

A few thoughts from "We Learn Nothing" by Tim Kreider

We say we are busy. 

But are we doing anything?

Are we just running around being busy but accomplishing nothing?

Are we choosing to be busy?

Could we choose differently?

Do the kids have to be scheduled every minute?

Do you have to be doing what you are doing this exact second?


Is our "busy" a self-imposed way to make us feel self important?

Is our "busy" a self-imposed way to keep us from having to be alone with ourselves and our thoughts?

Is our "busy" a self-imposed way to hide our fears?

Stay strong y'all!

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