Tuesday, July 28, 2015

15 days out..again.... Hey guess what, I can't count!

BW 53.0

I noticed that I can't count and today is actually 15 days out! Haha! I have found an extra day!

Earlier today I put up a post about commitment and I was kind of ranty in it. But I believe that when you say you'll do something, you do it. You see it through to the end. 

Generally in weightlifting when you register for a meet you are locked into your weight class. I lift as a 53kg and if I'm not 53.0 or less at weigh in, I'm out. No meet for me. This almost happened at Regionals. 

But, I guess because we are old, at the Masters World Cup they will let you bump up a class if you don't make weight. So if I weighed anything over 53.0, no biggie. I'd just move up to the 58kg class. 

To a lot of people, this could test their commitment to their diet.

Today I'm pretty hungry. Not like Friday, but I could eat a lot more than I am today. 

And there's no reason I can't. Except that I committed to the 53kg class. And that's what I'm going to do.

(Ok, I'm really not that noble and hardcore. Truth is, I'd get me ass handed to me in the 58 class!)

And a side note/ lesson on dieting. On rest days you generally decrease your carbs and increase your fats and lower calories overall. In my experience though, my body is so fricking beat up and tired on rest days that I want to Hoover everything! So Sunday I was hungry, but yesterday I wasn't that bad because I had rested on Sunday. After all of yesterday's work, my body is screaming, "Feed me Seymore!"

Lifting Today
Everything felt really good and I worked up to some really heavy lifts. Happy Dance going down! Finished up the day in the shop with some snatch pulls while it stormed.

Best thing I came across today:

Q. When looking at a massive to-do list, what do you do first?

A. The thing that makes you most uncomfortable

From Tim Ferris

Stay strong y'all!

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