Saturday, July 25, 2015

17 days out

BW 53.1

6:30 AM
Up early today to go to the Murray Mom Expo! I'm meeting people and telling them about CrossFit Murray and Tupperware!

Super cute portable s&p shaker or....

Super cute portable shot glass?

2:00 PM
Just finished up and am really excited about the people I spoke with today! We had a great CrossFit Kids workout and I met some awesome kids and parents!

Now headed home to get my fingers twitching for Heart of America Affiliate Challenge Registration! This is a super elite CrossFit competition that is very limited in the amount of teams allowed to participate. It literally sells out in seconds! We have competed the last two years and had a blast! Fingers crossed as we are trying to get 2 teams in!

HOA7 Here comes CFM!

5:15 PM
BOOMSAUCE! We did it! Super fast fingers results in 2 teams registered! Lol, I thought I was going to chill and get fat after the Masters World Cup. Nope, I'm going to go straight into cardio hell to get ready for this comp!

6:15 PM
Rolling out again to see the Krider Performing Arts Children's Theater's presentation of Shrek. Brooke is the stage manager, costume designer and makeup artist. Can't wait to see her magic!

I do own real clothes and jewelry! Lol, who knew?!

Wait?! There's a gun show??

And I wasn't invited?! No fair! (No worries y'all, the car was parked!)

My amazing, creative, talented baby!

I think I've been there!

8:00 PM
Stopped at McDonald's for a planned hot fudge sundae and the guy loads it up with hot fudge! I'm like "Hell yeah! Thanks iifym gods!" (Because it doesn't count if it's a gift, lol) And as I'm driving away I realize he didn't get the lid on good and it's dumping out ALL OVER ME, MY CAR, all the things. I about cried. Not because of the mess, but because I lost those macros and that yummy fudge.

8:30 PM
Home and fixing to head to the shop to train.

Also got some black at Mcd because tired.

10:00 PM
Finally hitting my jerks I've been missing lately! Timing on cleans was a bit off, but I'm blaming that on the sloped shop floor. 
Worked up to about 90%. 

10:21 PM
Time for a bit of accessory work.


Not too bad of a day! 

Best thing I heard today, from Charles Poliquin

Ask yourself these three questions at the end of each day.

What did you do nice for someone else today?

What did someone do that was nice to you?

What did you learn today?

Stay strong y'all!

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