Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1 day left! We are here!

BW 51.5


About last night.....

Jeremy needed to get some lifting in and I needed to stretch, but when we got to the half-way to Dallas hotel, the on-site gym facility was closed. It was 10 PM so no surprise there.  No worries though, they have an agreement with Anytime Fitness so off we went! 


I did about 30 minutes of selfies and 10 minutes of stretching. Lol, I can't be left unattended. 

I mean, really, who thinks a room of mirrors is a good idea? There is no way I could actually do work in here. I KNOW what my face looks like when I workout! Eewwwww!

Let me tell you. I don't know what magic was in that hotel room, but I fell asleep like a log at 11:30 and woke up at 9:30 with J gently shaking me and asking me if I want breakfast. It was the best sleep I've had in a long time and I am an excellent sleeper! 

I brought my own oatmeal, nuts and deli meat in case the hotel breakfast was no good. But that wasn't a problem, they had everything I needed. 

Traveling tips for eating on plan:

  1. Pack a cooler and food bag. Have everything you need so that you don't have to improvise.
  2. Think outside the restaurant. Last night I ran into a Wal-Mart for my supper. I got a veggie tray and an apple & cheese tray from the produce section. It was cheaper and more nutritious than fast food!
  3. Bring your food scale and don't be timid to use it! If you do eat out or eat at a hotel, use your food scale. It's better to be a little dorky and obsessive than to mess up on your goals because you guessed. 
  4. Choose your hotel wisely. Most Marriott and Hilton brand hotels have an excellent free, hot breakfast. This one had oatmeal, scrambled eggs and fruit. All great options for a healthy breakfast!

These little signs were so cute!

Oats, Peanut Butter and Banana! I also added in a few chocolate chips! 
Note the scale. You have to measure!

Now, if you are serious about your goals, but don't have a weigh in (in less than 24 hours), you can be a little more lax. Just remember that your results are directly proportional to your effort. Actually, I would say exponentially proportional to your effort. 

After breakfast we got back on the road and I immediately got on the CrossFit Affiliate Finder map so J had somewhere to get his workout in. Then the next priority was finding a Target! 

I'm such a basic girl, the highlight of my trip so far is finding a Target. I wanted to go ahead and get my food for tomorrow morning and for my lifting session taken care of. And I love Target. We don't really have one anywhere near us, so I go every opportunity I can!

I didn't purchase this, but I wanted to!

Made it to the hotel and got my credentials! 

I'm going to work a bit tonight on my nutrition clients' weekly check-ins, do some mobility and then head to bed!

Weigh in at 6:30 AM tomorrow. Lift at 8:30. Watch live here!  (UPDATE: I think it's pay per view)

Does deep breathing because of traffic stressing you out count? Does enthusiastically grabbing the "Oh Shit" handle because your driver is crazy count? No? Ok, well then I'm doing some yoga. That's about it. 

Best Thing I Came Across Today

Attitude is everything. I don't have to train. I GET to train! I don't have to count macros. I CHOOSE to because it will help me reach my goals. It's all about the mindset. 

From Lean Bodies Consulting.

Stay strong y'all!

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  1. Just for the record... do you realize how old I feel knowing you are competing in the "masters" division???? Love you!

    1. Makes me feel old too! :) :) Love you too!

    2. Well then the best answer to this dilemma is for you to KICK SOME BUTT!