Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm on a fancy omelette kick.


The last few days I've been on a fancy omelette kick. Normally my omelettes are made in my Tupperware Breakfast Maker because I'm fixing meals in a hurry. I've had a bit more time the last few days and have made omelettes in a real pan, thus, they are fancy omelettes.

Omg this. Today's omelette was THE BEST.  Pan fry one slice of bacon in pan and then drain off grease. Throw in 50ish grams (each) of baked sweet potato and black beans. Then throw in some onions (mine were pre sautéed earlier in the week). Next pour in 1 egg and 2 egg whites (beaten) and sprinkle with Tupperware Southwest Chipotle Seasoning. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes. Flip it out and sprinkle with siracha. Yum yum! Oh! And eat the bacon!  20 protein, 12 fat, 23 carb, 4 fiber (fat is inaccurate due to draining off bacon grease and is actually lower, but I'm just going off labels.)

This omelette was pretty tasty as well! I purchased some huge bags of spinach marked down at Kroger so I sauteed the whole bag with some chopped onions in a little coconut oil. Then I added 3 ounces shredded chicken and poured in 1 egg and  two egg whites beaten. I topped it with black bean dip and Siracha. 43 proteins, 21 carbs, 8 fats, 11 fibers 

This week was pretty hard on this lady! Lots of running and barbell cycling! The biggest highlight though was Jeremy's challenge to me to work my goat every day. A goat is something that you aren't good at and you actively avoid doing. For me, it's wall balls. If you are unfamiliar with this exercise, it goes like this. Hold a heavy ball in front of your face (14# for women, generally), squat with it and then throw it up to hit a target 9-10 foot up. Catch and repeat ad nausem. 

Because I'm 5'3" and blind, this exercise has always been a burr in my butt. 

However, 4 days this week I incorporated wall balls into my warm up. I did varying weights and reps, but always a 5 minute EMOM. (Every minute on the minute). 

And you know what? By the end of the week, they didn't feel that bad! I'm going to continue this goat work until I love wall balls. 

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Who am I kidding? I'll never love them, but I can learn to tolerate them.

My reverse dieting is pretty on point, but I can tell I'm still burning more calories than I am eating because Thursday I was hungry and ate all the things. Haha! Tomorrow my calories go up again so hopefully training starts to feel better and recovery is better. I'll keep you posted.

Best Thing I Came Across Lately

I love books, always have and always will. And on Friday I wandered into Angel's Attic and they had all hard backs on sale for 25¢ and all paperbacks on sale for 10¢. Heaven! I keep a list in my phone of books that friends have recommended or that I have heard about that I want to read so I immediately pulled it up. Low and behold, I found a few that were on my list and few that weren't on my list, but were by the same author. Score! My hint to you is to keep a list of books you are interested in and just a generic wishlist of things you are looking for so that when you go to the thrift shops or yard sales you know what you need and don't purchase a bunch of random crap. 

Stay Strong Y'all!

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