Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A rant. Death to Toned and Bulky!

I've been working hard this year to eliminate negative words from my vocabulary. So far, I'm doing great. Now I must move on to bigger things and help all of womankind by encouraging the elimination of a deadly phrase.

This phrase makes my ears bleed and my vision go red.

It makes the muscles of stomach clench up and my jaw jut out and my nostrils flare.

For everyone's safety, this phrase should never be said in my presence again.


"I just want to be toned"

It just frustrates me that women have been brainwashed into thinking lifting heavier weights will make them "bulky!"  They think they want toned, but they don't realize that toned is only achieved via lifting weights!

Webster-Tone: having or showing strength or firmness

Urban Dictionary-Toned- Visible definition in muscles as a direct result of having low body fat and reasonably well formed and built muscles.

According to Webster, you have to have strength to be toned. Strength is developed by progressive overload of the muscles. This only achieved through lifting progressively heavier weights.

According to Urban, to be toned, you have to have low body fat. And body fat is 90%  a result of diet! And since I'm ranting, strength training causes more metabolic activity than cardio therefore you will get a bigger calorie burn from heavy squats than running a jillion miles. And muscle is more metabolically active than fat so the more muscle mass you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Even if I decide to live with the word, toned, how do you expect to get that way without lifting heavy AND watching your diet?

I don't think people mean they only want to be "toned", I think what they are expressing is that they don't want to be "bulky".

And then that just blows me up as well, but.....

 If they mean big like a bodybuilder when they say bulky, then that is no accident and is a result of really hard work and diet. Those ladies are kicking all our asses in the hard work and dedication department.

If they mean bulky like just big overall, then that's all diet. Step away from the excess fat and carbs.

And then if they are referring to me as bulky then I'm just confused.

Stay Strong Y'all!

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