Sunday, August 9, 2015

3 days out! Tips for sticking to your meal plan and having a life!

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A historical event happened today. I met my parents at a restaurant for brunch and .....

ordered, ate and completely enjoyed an omelette! 

What?! Who is this person? I don't know what is changing in my taste buds that is making me like eggs, but wow! 

I'm backing off the carbs and increasing my fat the next few days in preparation for weigh in. Carbs are amazing and I usually eat around 170-200 grams, but they do make you hold more water than other macros. So more fat for me for the next few days! Yum! 

A bacon, veggie, 2 egg omelette (no butter or grease, please) is delicious!! What has been my problem with eggs? 

I wanted to take a picture of the deliciousness, but didn't want to bust out my phone and be that weirdo, lol. Not that it has every stopped me before....

Instead, here's a picture of my spinach. 

Lol, my lake cooler is filled with Tupperware and that Tupperware is filled with spinach, cauliflower and tomatoes to keep my fiber up, but carbs low! I also have a Wavy Snack Bowl filled with peanut butter and chocolate chips, because you gotta have some fun, right?

Seriously though, I'm three days out from a big meet and I'm eating out at restaurants and hanging out at the lake. Normal life events do not have to mess up your nutrition plan! 


  1. Think it through- I knew my nutrition goals would be challenged today if I wasn't careful, so I carefully thought through today's activities yesterday. When I said I went to brunch, I didn't go to some houttie-touttie brunch establishment. I went to a classic, southern, greasy spoon. The only reason I even get to use the fancy word brunch was because it was ten in the morning. Last night, I thought about what I would choose to eat that would be available there. I didn't wait until I was setting in the booth overwhelmed with off plan choices.
  2. Talk to restaurant staff- I had decided I was going to go with either boiled eggs and bacon, an omelette or scrambled eggs with bacon. When I sat down I asked the waitress if they had boiled eggs and she said, "Yes". Plan A covered. Then I asked if I could get an omelette made with no butter or grease and she said, "Sure!" Boom! Plan B! Here's why she wasn't annoyed with me for asking. One, I smiled and asked nicely. Two, I had a plan and a back up plan and made a decision quickly. Had the answer to both of my questions been no, I would have went with just bacon and enjoyed company, coffee and bacon!
  3. Pack your cooler full- Failing to plan is planning to fail. In my lake cooler I had pre-weighed and measured ham and bowls of raw veggies. I also had a can of almonds. No reason to be off plan if you pack foods you can eat.
  4. Go for volume- No, spinach isn't sexy or exciting, but I could sit and read a magazine on the boat while nibbling on spinach. And it takes A LOT of spinach to get too many carbs!
  5. Treat yourself- Plan a treat for yourself! Yes, you are going to be sitting around eating veggies, but it's very enjoyable if you know you have a treat stashed away! I love peanut butter and chocolate and that was my treat today. A tablespoon of peanut butter with some milk chocolate chips mixed in, heaven!

Lol, this was after I ate most of it and before I licked the bowl.

What situations challenge you when you are trying to eat according to your goals?

The building of the new bridge is so fascinating! It's just mind boggling how they can pour concrete in water!

Even Eleiko is impressed!

Speaking of Tupperware, this week's special is great! You get 3 bowls, a colander and tongs for only $49! Order here


Last lifting day! I'm feeling so strong and confident! A few light snatches, power cleans and power jerks and front squats. 

Bonus points for you if you can figure out why I am so confused after the lift on the right. 

Best Thing I Came Across Today

From Rejection Proof, from Jia Jiang-

Some days I feel like I'm Alexander the Great. Every day I want to be like the gymnosophist. 

Stay strong y'all!

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