Saturday, August 8, 2015

4 days! Sadistic clouds and yoga blocks....oh my!

BW 52.6


Opening Scene: Angie's bedroom at about 10:30 PM last night. Angie has just finished her nightly stretching and has decided to finish off her session with some chest opening practice with her yoga block. She also decides to accompany this with some guided meditation courtesy of "Guided Meditation Dude's Podcast"

Angie: Ok, here we go. Laying down in floor, feet sole to sole, knees out, block under upper back (low setting) and arms out to sides in a T shape. Yes, this feels good.

Guided Meditation Dude: Take a long, long deep inhale way down into the body...breathing into the tips of the toes and then exhaling all the stress and tension out. 

Angie: inhale.......exhale.....

GMD: Now, starting at the top of the head. Allow a feeling of relaxation to begin...focus on that area..

Angie's Inner Drill Seargent: Hey, what is this slacking? No pain, no gain! Get those arms up!

Angie: Ahh, yes. Ok moving the arms up a bit.

GMD: Let that relaxation flow down through your body....

Angie: Ummm..this is challenging. Breathe. Yep, air going into the tight places. Um..humm...

IDS: PANSY! Get those arms up in goal posts!

Angie: Ok! OK! Oh my, this is uncomfortable!

GMD: Feel your body relaxing......everything is soft.....everything is calm....

Angie: Yes, I'm arms and shoulders are giving in to the stretch...

GMD: Just begin to picture in your mind, just imagine that you are floating on a soft, fluffy white cloud.....

Angie: um...what? A cloud? I'm floating on a cloud.... um...ok

IDS: ARMS UP! Do you want to be able to snatch and overhead squat? Then get those arms up!

Angie: Ok arms are up in touchdown position! OMG this hurts!

GMD:  What does your cloud feel like? Is it soft? Cool?

Angie: OMG! My cloud is an evil cloud from hell full of pins, needles and snake venom!

IDS: Stop your whining!

GMD:  Feel the softness of your cloud rise up to support you.....


IDS: You don't have a hair on your ass if you don't roll over and set this block on high.

Angie: NOOOOO!!!

GMD: Just feel the cloud gently taking you up and away from your stressors...through the sky and past the sun....just you and your cloud.....

IDS: You wanna be a wussy?

Angie: YESSSS!!! NOOOOO!!! OK!!! OK!!!!

GMD: Just feel the cloud beneath's soft but supportive......

Angie: THE PAIN! This is some sadistic cloud from a Steven King novel hell bent on forcing me to open my chest up so the spawn of an alien life form can burst forth!  I better gain 5kg on my snatch from this!! AAAAAGGGHHHHH!

GMD: Just notice each place where your body is touching the cloud...notice how soft and supportive it is....


Scene closes: GMD shuts up and Angie rolls off block, writhing in agony on her side as her thoracic spine, pecs and shoulders chant 100 Hail Mary's for their trespasses against her.


Rest day whoop whoop! 

I should add a new heading, "Things that made me cry" because I did today! Good tears though because I got this PERFECT card from "Mom" and Laura this morning. I love it and will take it with me next week to remind me to Kick Butt!

Isn't it great? 

Thank you so much ladies! I love it and you both so much!

Best thing I came across today:

While strolling through Kroger looking for something to eat for tonight's supper that is high protein and low fat, I came across these adorable little salad shrimp packs. 

I love shrimp!

These are currently on sale for $1.99 and in one serving have 18 grams of protein! Since there is 1.5 servings per package, that's 27 grams of protein and only 1.5 grams of fat. 

27 grams of protein for $1.99? Yes, please!

I've currently one bag thawing out with a bit of sriracha sauce on it. I'm going to saute some spinach with a bit of coconut oil and have a big ol' bowl of deliciousness in a bit!

Stay strong y'all!

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