Monday, August 3, 2015

9 days out! Busy is a four letter word!

BW 52.9


Setting some new goals this week to improve my brain flow, mobility and productivity. Two of them are.....

1)  I will not check email/social media until 1 hour after waking up (at least). I already messed this one up because I was on autopilot this morning and woke up, checked the time, then clicked into my email. Then remembered I wasn't going to do that so I backed out real quick. However, I saw enough that my brain and my focus was taken away from my planned intentions into somebody else's intentions.

2) I will accumulate 1 1/2 hours of stretching & yoga because flexibility = speed = power. :)


Next Wednesday I weigh in at 0630 and lift at 0830. I loathe waking up and working out early. Loathe. And I generally stink at it as well. I decided it was time to get into that routine now rather than just get there and be all, "Hey body, I know you normally like to workout at noon or one, but just today, let's get up super early and try to hit PRs! What do you say? Sound like a plan?"

And as expected this morning, my body responded with, "Ah hell no!"

I did about half my work in the morning and then finished up around one. My body liked the one o'clock a lot better and I hit 95% of my jerk and did some heavy snatch pulls.

Best thing I came across today:

Actually, it was yesterday, and it was something that came out of my mouth unexpectedly. 
I've been reading and studying a lot on being busy and how we are all busy, crazy and stressed. And we seem to enjoy complaining about how busy we are.  See here.  And I'm very guilty of complaining of being busy. So much so that I've added a goal to my 2015 list to eliminate the word "busy" from my vocabulary.

I was having a conversation with someone regarding all this and said,

"Busy-ness is an excuse we give ourselves to be assholes."

And then I was taken aback at the truth to that.

Chew on it. Mull it over. Let me know what you think.

Stay strong y'all!

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