Monday, August 10, 2015

2 days out and it's National S'mores Day!

BW 52.0


Happy day today! I woke up so excited for this week's adventure! I took the Turd to the boarder's and coached the morning class. Then I went to Dr. E for a tune up!

It must have been a good WOD!

It's National S'mores Day! 

In honor of this I will share my current favorite S'more inspired "recipe".

Take a few Quaker Popped Rice Crisps....

and lay milk chocolate chips and mini marshmallows on them. 

Nuke for 5 seconds and BOOM! S'more-ish goodness!

Mmmmmm! Enjoy!

Approx macros for one rice cake:

Calories 21
Protein 0
Carb 3
Fat 1

My other favorite S'more is the Quest S'more bar! Get yours here!

Mmmmm! So good!


Cleaning out the gym bag is always a fun "Where's Waldo" type experience! 

No training today. I'll just do some stretching and yoga tonight and then rock and roll Wednesday. Weigh in at 630 AM (gross), lift at 830 AM.

If you want to watch live, FloElite has coverage here.

Best Thing I Came Across Today

This article. Read it folks and then rock it.

"You are the one who should say if you’re beautiful or strong. You determine your self-worth. You determine your story. Not the memory of some kid who teased you in middle school or some guy at work who made a remark. "

Stay strong y'all!

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