Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I lift in one week!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!

BW 52.8

I'm doing great with my goals! I got up and drank my coffee on the porch while reading a book. A real book, not an e-book! What?!?! I was not nearly as anxious as I was yesterday because I'm learning that if  there were it a true emergency that needed my attention, it wouldn't be in my email or on Facebook! I also did about 20 minutes of stretching last night before bed so I'm rocking on that goal as well.

Speaking of anxiety, here's my latest "Aha!" moment.  I'm slowly learning to feel my feelings and name them appropriately. A lot of times I think in my head, "Oh, I'm so anxious today" when really what I'm feeling is excitement. I always wake up with a ton of ideas and things I want to do and accomplish and I get a little stress in my stomach. I've been calling it anxiety. I'm now consciously realizing (and deciding) that it's really more of  an excitement about the prospects and possibilities of the day! J has long talked about that nervous feeling riders get on the line waiting for a race to start. The adrenaline starts pumping and nerves are twitching. I would call that anxiety, but he said it is more of your body revving up and getting ready for something amazing to happen!

I've been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne very slowly so that I can really take my time and let it sink in. The framework is basically this, whatever you think, you will feel and whatever you feel is what's going to happen. Think about that in the scenario above. 

If I think I'm anxious, I will feel anxiety which will bring me more anxiety and more anxiety producing situations. 

If I think I'm excited, I will feel excited which will bring me more things to be excited about.

Notice the positive connotation of excitement vs anxious! I like exciting things!

What emotion and feelings do you need to ponder over and possibly rename?


Warm up #1 yoga

Warm up #2 chase Eleiko
In the ten general skills of CrossFit, I think it is safe to say I'm lacking agility and coordination!

Clean and jerks weren't my friends today and I really struggled with hitting my percents. I think my CNS is trashed and waving a white flag! Overhead squats were awesome though, so that's a positive. And I love jerk recoveries so I ended my training day on a high note!

100 kg jerk recoveries! What what!

Best thing I came across today:

Do you know what the numbers besides each book and author above represent? Those are the number of publishers that rejected the book before it was finally printed. 

It's hard not to wonder how many would-be masterpieces have never seen the light of day because the creators were so discouraged by the rejections and negative opinions and stopped trying. 
Rejection is human, is an opinion, and has a number. If I viewed other people's opinions as the main judgement of merit- which is what I was doing when I took every rejection to heart- then my life would be a miserable mess. I'd be basing my self-worth, and even the course of my life, on the whims and judgments of other people. 
          -Jia Jiang, Rejection Proof

Many times in life we face rejection and we take it personal. But rejection is not a reflection of you, it's reflection of the person who is giving the rejections and their beliefs, attitudes, moods and opinions. Don't let one or one hundred rejections stop you from achieving your dreams!

Stay strong y'all!

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