Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oh my! 10 days! Thoughts on strong women, my lake day and Tetris for anxiety!

BW 52.0


Oh my! I can't believe it's 10 days until I lift in Dallas! It will be the first international meet I've competed at. I'm top 3 on the start list, so it looks like it's going to be a really amazing experience! I think it is so cool that both USAW and IWF encourage and support masters lifters. No, we can't put up the big numbers like the kiddos, but we still want to hit PRs and get that adrenaline rush on the platform. I am looking forward to seeing friends I've met this year in weightlifting and meeting many of the strong ladies I've stalked on Instagram!

I love seeing women take control of the their health, fitness and wellness. That's why I coach and that's why I lift. If I can help motivate a girl, woman, mom or grandma do something she didn't think she could, well, that is just the best feeling ever!


Today was a rest day from the barbell, but I did get in some work! A few of us met up at the lake to do a team WOD of deadlifts with the worm and swimming. Fun times! 

The worm is a huge sandbag that weighs 435 pounds. As a team, we lifted it 75 times, then swam about 400 meters, lifted it 50 times, swam 400 meters, then lifted it 25 times. 

And then I basically sat on the boat all day and was a bum!

Vintage trucker hat that always makes me smile! 

Best thing I came across today:

Tetris was my favorite game growing up and I may have to pick it back up again! Research is showing that Tetris can relieve anxiety symptoms by taking your mind off your worries and basically performing a reset to your brain. (Source: Super Better by Jane McGonical) Tetris is also showing promise as a preventative treatment for PTSD. (Source: David Hellerstein) When subjects in the study played Tetris for 10 minutes immediately following a potential PTSD inducing event, the flashbacks and memories were less frequent and less vivid a week later. It seems that immediately focusing the mind somewhere besides the traumatic event keep the memory from becoming as deeply embedded.

Stay strong y'all!

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